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Los Angeles artist Gaby Hernandez just released her third album “Spirit Reflection” via Mr Bongo and it’s latin, tropicalia, folk, electronica and jazz seamlessly blended together on a warm, dreamlike and sparkling album.

“Spirit Reflection” features a stellar line-up of LA talent; jazz star Kamasi Washington, Stuart Howard (AKA Lapalux), Kelis and Gaslamp killer collaborator Dexter Story, plus Ninja Tune, Plug Research and Soul Jazz artist Carlos Niño, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker.

This is the premiere of the visuals for the track “Super Nova Lovers”.

In anticipation of their upcoming debut album, Riton rerubs the new single “You Know You Like It” (original version dropped last year) from London duo AlunaGeorge with the help of what at first sounds like a bouncy videogame stutter and a pitched vocal that towards the middle of the track proceeds to explode into a full on bassfilled, sirenlaced electro assault.

BONUS: Another remix of the track, done by London slow bass producer Lapalux. (via Dummy)

In terms of Gwen Stefani’s output, there’s really not much that can top her collaboration with EVE way back when this video used to come on every 2 hours on Much Music, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on her.

Here for example, Lapalux mines the chorus of “Luxurious”, cuts out Slim Thug, adds some flourishes and ends up with a tightly coiled piece of “r&b-veering-into-triphop” that hits all the right spots.

Gwen Stefani – Luxurious (Lapalux’s bootleg remix)

Lapalux manages to fit a whole lot into a dance track.

Take this edit of British soulstress Tawiah’s “Breakaway” as an example, where you get about a minute of semi coherence and intact vocals before everything erupts out of dingy darkness and cascades haphazardly joyous percussion all over your face in a slightly sexually charged manner. Clocking in at just four minutes, it feels like waking up from a dream that felt like a lifetime. Highly recommended for fans of that weird Boiler Room music.

Taiwah – Breakaway (Lapalux Remix)


Apr 7 2011

Pictures Music are doing a follow up their recent succesful release with Koreless, they’re doing a boutique 50 tape+download release with 22 year old Essex producer Lapalux. The release is a six track EP called “Many Faces Out Of Focus” and will be out on April 18th. The track “Time Spike Jamz” opens the EP with lush, blissful abstract beats that meets a popiness and underneath it all you can distinguish a faint sub bass.

Lapalux – Time Spike Jamz (ge.tt)