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Algerian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist/producer, Aladean Kheroufi shares his new single “Good” which is the latest track to be taken from his forthcoming EP, “Beauty Beyond Grief” (drops August 7th).

“Good” is actually half a cover of his friends’ band, Ghost Woman – Aladean worked with their melody whilst attributing his own lyrics, chords, and progressions; it captures a similar haunting take on blue-eyed soul, a compelling mesh of minimalism and heartbreaking lyricism.

“I love songs without a chorus. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing like a good chorus but there’s something about a song that drags on that gives it a narrative. It feels more like real life, there’s no big climax we just go about our lives doing the same thing. I wrote the lyrics of this song after some heartache that made it hard for me to focus for a while but this was the first one to pull me out of that state of mind. I recorded it in my studio during the most self-isolating times of quarantine and it’s heavily inspired by my friend’s band Ghost Woman. I always find it hard to know if in a song under 4 minutes I get my point across, but I feel like I got a lot off my chest here.”

The new EP, produced and recorded throughout the pandemic, is a collection of reworkings of classic soul tracks that provided Aladean with a sense of belonging and solace throughout the pandemic. It arrives as a product of a tumultuous few months – notably the pandemic, of course, and the end of a longterm relationship.