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Montreal / LA duo LOL Boys and Sinjin Hawke sign up for an extremely necessary re-edit of 702’s r&b hit “Steelo” (which, as far as I can figure out, is talking about style).

They clear out plenty of space for the vocals, which waste no time stating “I’m gonna break it down”. Things continue building up from there until Missy Elliot is comparing herself to Michael Jackson behind some crackling high hat acid house drums and shuffling snare rolls. It feels like the audio embodiment of their Montreal based Boomclap party, which we’ve already raved about here before.

Speaking of LOL Boys, their new “LDR” EP is out now and is seriously fantastic stuff. Remixes by NGUZNGUZU, Jim-E Stack, Marcus Price and others, but the original productions are so strong that they almost make all the other takes on them unnecessary.

702 – Steelo (LOL Boys & Sinjin Hawke Remix) (Mediafire)