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The thing you love about Norwegian artist/crooner Unge Ferrari might just be the thing you hate about him, he’s unpredictable and something of a chameleon. With his debut album “Midt imellom magisk og manisk” (roughly translates to “Inbetween Magical and Manical”) that dropped today via Nora Collective, his lyrics and the theme of his tracks have never before hit this close to home.

It might not be unique or groundbreaking that an artist writes about their own life, the fact that you might have heard these stories before doesn’t take anything away from Unge Ferraris accomplishments with his album, he shows that it’s alright to sing about things that are difficult and at the same time he packages the tracks in productions that encourages you to have a good time.

“I’ve never worked on a more painful project than this, at times I pulled my hair and felt like crying because it felt like I wasn’t getting anything from the process. This album has made me feel prouder than anything else in my life”

With nominations for the Norwegian Grammys, platinum selling records, sold out tours, shows at the largest music festivals in Norway and beyond, praise both nationally and internationally it’s easy to forget that there’s two sides to every story. The last year has been both magical and manical for Unge Ferrari and the work with album has proven to be a therapeutic process where the result is an invitation to his feelings and to the hardships that he’s been through. A trip to the absolute bottom was needed for him to realize that he needed to make some serious changes in his life in order to make it out.

Luckily for us, both his spiritual journey and his physical journey from Miami to Haugesund in Norway culminates in his new album. He shows us that you never really know where he is at musically which the two album singles “Ung & Dum” and “Balkong” shows. The fact that he’s in constant movement but also puts his unique spin on everything he touches is what makes his unpredictability so welcoming. In collaboration with amazing producers such as internationally renowned producer Lido, Coucheron, Filip Kollsete, Vinter and Axxe his sound is defined and his constant search for progress makes the album “Midt imellom magisk og manisk” showcases a new side of Unge Ferrari but with a well-known foundation.

I am infatuated with this new track from Lido released alongside booming vocal duo THEY. Lido’s production and songwriting skills have always left me swooning, and “Not Enough” showcases his capabilities in a new light. While this track strays away from his signature style, I personally can not wait to see the musical direction he continues to progress in.

Marius – Easy

Jun 8 2017
Here’s something new for you. At 20 years young, Marius from Norway is making music as original as it gets. With an official remix for Lido and an EP release under his belt, the genre-defying producer returns with “Easy,” a pre-cursor to his sophomore EP on the legendary Pelican Fly label, home to fellow talents like Cashmere Cat and Lido.

“Murder is a depiction of the emotional turmoil that one goes through when you’re breaking up. The track takes you through the story that is a breakup. From the rough and shaky voice in the beginning to the chaotic drop in the middle – it shows what it’s like to breakup.”

New York based duo Brasstracks produced Chance The Rapper’s latest single “No Problem” from his new “Coloring Book” mixtape and they’ve also worked on tracks by Anderson .Paak, GoldLink etc.

Brasstracks are known for their uplifting brass and rhythm lead tracks and their sound has been dubbed “future brass”. They’ve announced their forthcoming EP “Good Love”. The lead track “Telling The Truth” was released yesterday and features hyped up Norwegian producer Lido and soul vocalist Father Dude, it’s a warm gospel and brass infused electronic soul track that will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.