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Boy Better Know founders and brothers Skepta & JME with a spectacular sounding live set that’s a celebration of grime and garage, taken from when they played at The Ritz in Manchester (recorded by Red Bull Music Academy radio).

“In 2006 and 2011, cult releases Tropical 1 and 2 came out respectively on the Boy Better Know label. At that time, as grime and dubstep dominated UK underground culture, UK garage was no longer represented in the clubs. In response, tracks from the likes of Todd Edwards, Wookie, Preditah and Royal T mixed UKG with grime production, serving as a nod to grime’s submerged roots. Tropical captured this sound. Now, as grime’s resurgence gathers momentum, Tropical has moved forward from an audio format into a 3D club experience, injecting some bounce back into the clubland context and refreshing the dancefloor with the best of old and new.”

Feeling that slump being stuck in an office while the sun is shining and everybody’s seems to be relaxing outside? Bumping this set from Chicago legend DJ Deeon will transport you to a sweaty, packed club. The recording is taken from his recent appearance at the Red Bull Music Academy x Lit City Trax party during the Red Bull Music Festival in New York.