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The stunning Dimensions Festival has just announced its first round of names for the festival which will take place August 26th – 30th at the breathtaking 19th century Fort Punta Christo in Pula, Croatia.

One of the true bastions of electronic music culture, the festival is very proud to reveal the first names to perform and they include Moodymann, Ben Klock, Lil Louis, Mount Kimbie (DJ set), John Talabot, Surgeon, Rödhåd, Anthony Parasole, Truncate, Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Pangaea, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Daniel Avery, Horse Meat Disco, Jeremy Underground, DJ Deep. Plus there will be many more artists to be announced soon.

The Dimensions Festival Opening Concert will take place on August 26th and it will be a truly spectacular show set in a 2000-year old Roman amphitheatre, with live performances from Four Tet, Little Dragon and Floating Points.

Get your tickets here!

So Clubfeet has done something very interesting. They’ve taken video footage of their live show at Prince Bandroom and combined it with a Q&A from us and some of our favorite music writers across the world, including Electronic Rumors, Salacious Sounds, and Your Music Radar. Watch the interview and performance unfold, and look out for a special cameo by fellow Aussie darling Chela.

In anticipation of his DJ set tomorrow night at the .WAVs music boat cruise in New York City, we sat down with Reuben Wu, the mastermind behind Ladytron, to chat about a couple things. These things include (but are not limited to) a new Ladytron album, Reuben’s favorite production equipment, and the synergies between music, art and photography (all things that Reuben dabbles quite a bit in). So without further ado, here’s our interview with Reuben.

And if you haven’t already gotten your tickets to tomorrow night’s event, you can still purchase them here!

Discobelle: Hi Reuben! How are you doing?
Reuben: Very well thank you!

Discobelle: So to start off, how would you describe your style as a DJ, does it differ greatly from your production style?
Reuben: I like to play a blend of electropop, electrohouse and some new wave. It always depends on the crowd really. It can differ slightly as I don’t really produce music for dance music clubs, it’s more fitting in an indie club.

Discobelle: What role will moving on water in the night have on your performance?
Reuben: More new wave in my set, possibly.

Discobelle: What equipment are you into lately when it comes to producing?
Reuben: I’ve using the Polychord app on my iPad to help work out chord progressions – it’s great that it’s not keyboard-based. and can work wirelessly in MIDI as well.

Discobelle: Who are your greatest influences both DJ and production wise?
Reuben: The Chemical Brothers playing a DJ set on BBC Radio 1 twenty years ago I think.

Discobelle: When can we expect some new music from Ladytron?
Reuben: A new album next year.

Discobelle: Do you plan on releasing any new non-Ladytron solo/collaborative work soon?
Reuben: I always have stuff going on but I’m not focussing on it right now.

Discobelle: What was your worst DJ gig? Best? Why?
Reuben: Probably the one where, (after I had endured a day of logistical nightmare), I turned up at the venue at 3.30am and I was asked to just plug my mobile phone into a pair of blown computer speakers, because there was no PA for me to play music on. And also everyone had gone home by 3am due to a fire alarm which had continued for a whole hour.

Discobelle: Read that you are a photographer and an artist, as well. Do you recognize a lot of porosity between these mediums, or do ideas kind of start with a feeling and move into one realm for good?
Reuben: There are parallels between the two (I’m talking about music and visual arts). Both require composition, balance and some kind of narrative.
And they are endlessly compatible.

Discobelle: On a scale of 1-10, does the last question make any sense?
Reuben: 10!