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“new orleans isn’t just a city it’s a lifestyle
it is my heritage. it is my roots.
lemme take you to the beginning
where it all started.
how losing everything made me stronger…
ninth ward bred. a new breed.
and so the anthology begins.”

Sinden’s UK based Grizzly imprint has been responsible for a year’s worth of club friendly and simultaneously expirmental releases, but their teamup with fellow UK label Local Action is the first time that they’ve shared a free EP with us.

Luckily, it has Melé and Contakt remixing each other’s songs, which is kinda the dance music equivalent of giving each other a simultaneous backrub, somehow, if it didn’t defy the laws of physics. Melé’s remix sounds like an exploding bus careening down a hill in the countryside, and Contakt’s effort feels like perfect inspiration for running a marathon in the middle of the night.

Melé – Trappin (Contakt remix)

Contakt – Rhodophyta (Melé remix)