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Long Divison

Apr 25 2008


Our friend Emynd always makes us happy with his nicely cut edits and remixes. This one has a sweet discofeel to it with a touch of B-more to make us hipsters smiling. Also, be sure to check out Emynds remix of the huge South Rakkas song “Mad Again” that’s on the digital release.

“I’ve always loved the OG of this song and wanted to make a version that would fit in aesthetically with some of the stuff I’ve been playing lately. So, I kept it pretty simple: extended it, boosted it up with some four on the floor drums and a bit of tastefulsynth additions. Some of you have probably heard it on my Crossfaded Bacon 2008 Mix that I posted recently, and I got a bunch of requests for it through email, so here it is for everybody.”

Fugazi “Long Division (Emynd’s DiscoEdit)” (zShare)

Fugazi “Long Division (Emynd’s DiscoEdit)” (Sendspace)