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Low Budget made a lowrider themed mix for The Decades Hat Co.

“So about a month ago, it was cold and i was inside, kinda daydreamin about cruisin around in the summer. And I started to plan this mix of all music that I personally like to cruise to, or songs about cruisin. I mentioned it to My manz’n’em at Decades and they wanted to put it out as a mix in promotion with their new hat thats a throwback to the old Compton NWA style. Its got West Coast G funk, Lowrider Oldies, Down South Cadillac shit, and general feel good drivin music. There’ll prolly be a part 2, since there’s so much more I wanted to put on here. But anyway, if you got a whip, pop this in and ride out. And if you don’t, close your eyes, sit back…and Picture Me Rollin!”