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Le1f always knows how to bring together a style and sound that goes beyond the norm but is still simultaneously addicting beyond belief, and his newest track “Umami / Water” is just as delectable as the name suggest (umami in Japanese, after all, is translated delicious). The “Umami” side is delightfully weird and perfect for those dark Brooklyn warehouses, while the “Water” side is made a little bit more for the after party. While varying in bpms and rhythm, the two magically are able to work together like chocolate and peanut butter.

His new album, “Riot Boi”, will be out next week via Terrible Records.

Nothing like a Lunice mix to make the week fly by a whole lot faster.

“In my mixes, like at my shows, I tend to approach it from a producer’s perspective, where I think about making an hour-long track mixed with songs instead of drum kits. I also like to add my own production on top of certain songs and not credit it as a “Lunice Edit” or remix, because that’s just how I like to work. I’m usually on the go when working on mixes. I find that being in a different environment every time is inspiring… I try to keep things simple as to how I want to present any of my projects. Same goes for this mix. A simple approach to get my style across to the listener.”

Resident Advisor Podcast 432: Lunice (direct download)