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Nothing like a Lunice mix to make the week fly by a whole lot faster.

“In my mixes, like at my shows, I tend to approach it from a producer’s perspective, where I think about making an hour-long track mixed with songs instead of drum kits. I also like to add my own production on top of certain songs and not credit it as a “Lunice Edit” or remix, because that’s just how I like to work. I’m usually on the go when working on mixes. I find that being in a different environment every time is inspiring… I try to keep things simple as to how I want to present any of my projects. Same goes for this mix. A simple approach to get my style across to the listener.”

Resident Advisor Podcast 432: Lunice (direct download)


After being recently featured on both Lunice’s BBC 1xtra Mix, as well as Brenmar’s V Magazine Mix, 23 year old New York producer InTransit shares his new remix of the Kanye West track “Power” with us. The track starts things off with a slow, chugging beat and a stuttering vocal sample of “Do It Betta! before it all dissolves in a quirky drop and a robotic voice that transforms the track.