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Kansas City-based singer/producer Alex Harbolt’s project Heads or Heads offers up a piece of warm and glittering chillwave/synthpop with new single “Climbing Up” (drops April 3rd). The single is taken from his sophomore album, “Low Angles” which is set to be released on May 1st. The album was written/recorded over the entirety of 2019 after a trip to Los Angeles with his girlfriend inspired a soft idea for a concept record on California idealism to a Kansas City-based artist.

“It was the first time in LA for both of us and I remember so many crazy things kept happening that in my head, I kept going, ‘I can make an album out of this. I grew up in rural Missouri and always wondered what places like LA would be like… it’s sort of been a dream to live there for a while now and being there in person was a very surreal experience.”