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Following the hazy fever dream disco of their last release on Exploited, Homework throw on a couple polo shirts, pull their socks all the way up and step out onto the courts for some Wimbledon inspired tennis tech-house action for Made To Play.

Okay, no more painfully made journalistic tennis metaphors. Instead, let’s talk about how the sample from The Isely Brother’s 1964 track “Take Me In Your Arms” sounds so utterly at home here amidst the track’s sun drenched piano riffs. The album track is almost double the length of the video cut, which gives this one just enough time to ride out the powerful bassline, reminiscent of the euphoria that you get listening to Daft Punk’s “Discovery” album while running into the ocean naked.

Without a doubt, this is classy summer beach party music arriving at the perfect moment.

Rally Racquet Club will be released on the 20th of June, with a remix by Oliver $ that’s almost in danger of outshining the original. You can preview the whole EP on Made To Play’s soundcloud page.

Two reasons to lust after the new Round Table Knights remix EP:

1) Limited 300 copy 12″ vinyl pressing looking so crispy.
2) Erm, the music on afformentioned beautiful EP.

For example, L-Vis 1990 & The Neon Dreams ascend “Paparussi” to a previously unattainable level of vibes, and adding Javeon McCarthy’s fantastic vocals to the track is a brilliant decision that makes it sound immediately more organic and intimate.

Calling them the new Fleetwood Mac of the dance music world may be misinterpreted as an insult, but it’s anything but: the professionalism of recording quality (presumably Cubic Zirconia’s Nick Hook at work) and the pacing of the track never falters as it grows to a shimmeringly bright climax, and the final product feels polished and exciting in a way that few other releases lately have been able to achieve.

Comparatively, Mercury and Homework have a lot to live up to with their renditions of “Say What?!” – but both bring something special to the plate. Mercury adds on some soft diva humming under their escalating and falling house stabs, and Homework forgoes the vocals altogether, twisting the track into something unrecognizably different, but catchily enough that it doesn’t even matter.

Out on Made To Play later this month.

MTP039 Round Table Knights – Remixes (VINYL) by Made to Play


Dedicated to all the DJs worldwide who’re comfortable with being “just up here fucking around”, Oliver $’s new jam for Made to Play sub-label Play It Down is effortlessly addictive and employs a sample guaranteed to make anyone smile.

Sampling one of Moodymann’s inspirational impromptu DJ set speeches and employing a simple, thumping bassline, it narrates the more intimate moments of being out in a club: The DJ crooning about what tracks they’re going to play next, yelled banter from the audience, scratched records, the pause where the same record gets played twice over because “we’re still on this muthafuckin record”, and the steadfast refusal to stop playing when the club owners start yelling at you.

Limited to 200 vinyl copies, it’s a great homage to the atmosphere and feeling of intimate house music when it feels like something’s going on that’s bigger and more powerful than the sum of everyone in the club.

Out soon on Play It Down, stream it from Soundcloud below:

Oliver $_Doin´ Ya Thang by oliverdollar

Roison Murphy’s voice alone has enough dreamy command to carry any track along with overwhelming “oomph”, but this production by Mason also gets filtered through the bumpy house lens of Oliver $. The end product feels so absolutely organic that you can forget it’s a remix; a vocal house tune that’s reserved; but one that culminates in a moment of well deserved dancefloor nirvana. Apparently recorded while Roison was “heavily pregnant”, maybe her unborn child had something to do with it.

Mason feat. Roisin Murphy – Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)

Grab the EP here, and also consider Mason’s revamped version of Jesse Rose’s “Sleepless” on Made To Play that you can pick up alongside reworkings by Catz ‘N Dogz & Round Table Knights.

Amsterdam fancy hairstyle enthusiasts (and also pretty decent DJs) Homework (Made To Play/Exploited) have put together a vibey exclusive mix in preparation for a warehouse party out in London, which features a startlingly good Deniz Kurtel track coming out on her forthcoming Crosstown Rebels released album, “Music Watching Over Me”.

Homework – Trailer Trash & Dollop Warehouse Party Mixtape

Tracklisting after the jump:

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After several years worth of EPs filled with ecstatic house music vibes, Round Table Knights have finally dropped their debut album on Made To Play today.

The album seems like it’s almost comprised of two halfs, the first working as a showcase for RTK’s pure dancefloor muscle. “Drop The Dow” remains the best piece of acapella-scat house I’ve heard, and even after playing it out about a hundred times, there’s something amazing about “Calypso” that continually rocks the house, even if it’s being played outside in -20 degree Canadian winter.

But the second half is even more surprising because of the organic approach that it embraces. “Why Be Serious” not only embodies their mantra for house music in 2010, but floats along on a beat that you’d be happy to hear as the last song of the night, a “throw your hands in the air and praise the gods of house” kinda ordeal. And instead of delivering mediocre marching band house music, “Paparussi” incorporates some seriously soulful trumpets that sound like anything but a canned pro tools sound effect.

There are also a well placed downtempo moments, including the closer “All Night” featuring Ghosttape, which sounds like it’s floating out the window of some low-rider that’s driving by on the long walk home from the club, just before the sun rises.

You can stream the whole album below, and you should absolutely pick it up on Beatport. Congratulations dudes!

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/589853″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&show_playcount=true&show_artwork=true&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”360″ ]