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NYC production duo Housing Corp gives us some 80s fever with their new original mix “Vague,” a play on “Vogue” by Madonna. The duo only meant to sample the piano riff of Madonna’s iconic track, but got a little carried away and ended up using more of the vocals and percussion and we don’t blame them because the end result is disco dance magic.

Ronika is a British artist hailing from Nottingham, she has drawn comparisons with early Madonna & Tom Tom Club (and she’s already received praise from Red Bull Music Academy to Nile Rodgers). Her debut album “Selectadiscs” is due to be released June 2.

Swedish duo Drop Out Orchestra shines with their remix of her track “Shell Shocked” that’s pleasant, shimmering disco at its finest. Looking at a busy 2014, check out their upcoming collaboration with Nancy Whang and also an upcoming original vocal track signed to Peppermint Jam.

Los Angeles based producer LUXXURY returns with a new edit of the iconic 90s dance pop single “Vogue” by Madonna. In case you’re not familiar, LUXXURY is formerly Baron Von Luxxury whose remix of HEALTH’s “Eat Flesh” maintains a permanent slot on my most played list. His “Vogue” remix is the first in a series of six deep disco edits and this first release is pure dubbed out sexiness.

Forget about her latest single “Girl’s Gone Wild” because Dimitri From Paris has given old school Madonna new life with his rework of “Into the Groove.” In 2007, the French producer opened for Madge on the Parisian leg of her tour and is also a self proclaimed fan of the pop icon. His admiration comes through on this track where he really brings out the chorus while preserving the synth lines and drums in the original track. It’s hard to listen to this song and not want to get into the groove and “step to the beat.”

Dimitri aptly dedicates this remix to “the ladies out there… and the boys who can admit they like it.”

“When Madonna came out with her hit “Vogue” you knew it was over. She had taken a very specifically queer, transgendered, Latino and African-American phenomenon and totally erased that context with her lyrics, “It makes no difference if you’re black or white, if you’re a boy or a girl.” Madonna was taking in tons of money, while the Queen who actually taught her how to vogue sat before me in the club, strung out, depressed and broke.”

– DJ Sprinkles, on his inspiration for the track Ball’r “(Madonna-Free Zone)”

Madonna’s recent performance at the Super Bowl sparked a lot of debate about her ‘involvement’ in vogue music – as a popstar who brought a certain level of mainstream recognition to voguing in 1990, there are still a varying opinions about whether her participation was more of a contribution or appropriation.

Now it’s 2012. Twelve years later. Vogue music is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence, thanks in no small part to the Qween Beat soundcrew, made up of thirteen members including Producers, Dancers / Instructors, Video/ Graphic Artist, Commentators, MCs, Vocalists, & A DJ. One of these members is MikeQ, maybe you know him for his latest Fade To Mind EP, or maybe from a stream of consciousness pop culture thoughts on his twitter page.

But, while it’s interesting to note the way the track is credited, (MikeQ FEATURING Madonna), I’m not quite sure what this re-edit of vogue is saying politically. Maybe it’s better to just listen to it for its spine crackling stabs and cymbal crashes and follow Qween Beat on facebook and twitter or face the risk of MikeQ. As he puts it:


Finally, bell hooks’ cultural criticism of Madonna is seriously on point. Also grab a B.Ames and MikeQ remix below too!

MikeQ ft. Madonna – Vogue 2012 (mediafire)

Glimmering electropop trio Caotico have been compared to MGMT and Cut Copy even though they say they’re in fact more influenced by Lil Wayne and Madonna. The outfit was probably one of hottest debut acts here in Sweden during 2011 with a range of remixes and festival gigs, with the release of their debut album in 2012 (will be drop February 22nd on Baseline) they’ll most likely be heard everwyhere. Here’s a first taste in the form of a Discobelle premiere, new single “Into The Beat” that has radio hit written all over it.