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Man Recordings founder and Berlin based dj/producer Daniel Haaksman just dropped his new album “African Fabrics”, the album explores a multiple of genres from the emerging urban African dance music sounds that are all becoming increasingly popular all over the globe. This is an album that’s filled with fantastic rhythms and beats, if you’re sitting still after the first track then that’s your loss. Guest appearances comes from among others from South African rapper Spoek Mathambo, kuduro inventor Tony Amado, Colombian guitarist Bulldozer, Portuguese punk kuduro trio Throes + The Shine and Ugandan singer Tshila.


The remix EP for the Daniel Haaksman single “Sabado” drops tomorrow June 2nd, the original version of the track is a laid back, Paul Simon influenced summer afrohouse/pop jam.

The premiere of this remix from Aero Manyelo – who happens to one of the newer sensations from the ever burgeoning South African kwaito scene – adds a mean synthline and some club ready drums making this into a SA house smasher.


Banda Westfalica is a student percussion ensemble from the German city of Bünde, North-Rhine-Westphaliaand they released their debut EP “Versions” last year on Man Recordings. They play tropical music acoustically and focused on unearthing the rhythmic and melodic structure of originally electronically produced songs from the Man Recordings catalogue, tracks that originally would tear clubs apart.

The recent remix release of their debut EP – “Versions Remixes” – brings the acoustic versions back to the club and we here at Discobelle got our hands on the Motin remix which sets the perfect tone with a hypnotic tropical bass beat. Snag the free download below.