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French label ClekClekBoom continues churning out their own weekly podcast series, which showcases showcasing underground club music and also previewing some exclusive material from the label. They’ve now reached the 30th edition and it sees the whole fam ie Bambounou, Coni, French Fries, Jean Nipon, Manere, Ministre X, Piu Piu, The Boo & The Town coming together for one almost two hour long wild ride of a podcast.

After more than a year waiting for him, Manaré is back. A new EP full of a mature reflexion tied in a package of three originals & two remixes (Marble Players & Chaos In The CBD) overlapping, intertwined asking and answering each other in a nearly sexual cohesion. An EP as heavy as an anchor composed of tracks lighter than a feather, a bubble, a pearl.

Aerial and thoughtful, Manaré is playing with rhythm & codes that makes up contemporary house across Pearl. A journey on a soft cloud flared by that dance music energy, aiming directly your feet, passing through your heart.
Deeper, Paprika is a little more progressive, almost stellar, putting you right in the middle of a sun shower, wet, warm & spicy. Darker, Silk is almost techno. Quick and incisive, the synth flays acid, giving the track an obvious leverage coated with big & round subs.

No need to introduce Marble Players anymore (aka Para One, Surkin & Bobmo). Every inch of there remix smells like a part of these 3 incredible musical personality. Faithful to the original, they made the track jack in a really Marble swag. A summer hit that’ll warm your winter under the heat of the neons.

Chaos in the CBD, last recruit of the Youngunz stable, translate Pearl in their own style. Synthesis of the today electronic music, they made the track romantic, almost poetic, keeping the original purpose upfront : Make people dance !

In every way a worthy, if not far superior successor to last year’s “Speakeasy EP”, this is really loaded with some futurist funk. View a teaser video of the EP below, and download Chaos In The CBD’s great revision for free below!

Manar̩ РPearl EP Video Teaser (Vimeo)

Manar̩ РPearl (Chaos In The CBD Remix) (Mediafire)

Released last summer, Femme En Fourrure‘s debut on Discobelle Records was a dark, deep minimal exploit into the greyzone between house, techno and minimal.

Now, we’ve got a new track to share with you. French Fries and Manare take most unsettling parts of the original track (the back alley off-key piano twinklings) and coats the deep tech house vibe of the original in a thick layer of UK funky influenced bass, making the end product sinister in a completely different way.

But just because it’s sinister doesn’t mean it won’t make people dance, knowwhatimean? Grab it for free below, this one’s on us.

MP3: Femme En Fourrure – Dirty Blonde (French Fries & Manare Remix)

We’re in Miami and this party tonight with Trouble & Bass looks set to be one of the biggest parties of the whole week.

Saturday March 26, During Ultra Music Week, the dark powers of the bass occult will be unleashed upon downtown Miami…Trouble & Bass team up with Miami’s Overthrow crew to unleash a blend of international havoc in the one and only Overthrow castle! That’s right, this is all going down in a castle!

RSVP here and get your advance tickets here.

Here’s some music including a brand new dj-mix from Drop The Lime to tickle your taste buds before the party.

Drop The Lime – March Mix by Deadly People

Deathface – Gift of Fury (Mediafire)

Mikix The Cat – Keep on Wondering (Mediafire)

Samo Sound Boy – Rattlesnake (Mediafire)

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“Riot Kid is now Manaré and he’s back to tell you about horns, jazz clubs and Ecuadorian rivers.”

Youngunz is at it again now with the debut EP from this young french wiz Manaré! The EP is out 10th of May and features remixes from Renaissance Man, Lorcan Mak, Dubble Dutch and Beware & Motorpitch. We got hold of one of the remixes for you to download straight away!

Manar̩ РSpeakeasy (Beware & Motorpitch Remix) (yousendit)

Manar̩ РSpeakeasy (Beware & Motorpitch Remix) (sharebee)