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Only A Fool

Nov 11 2009

31 only a fool would do that copy

Marine Parade just featured the AC Slater dub remix of the Freeland track “Only a Fool” on the new Freeland remix compilation “Cope Remixed”. Now, AC gives us the vocal version which stays true to his form of producing smashing tracks that also features some of that smittening wobble bass. AC Slater is about to put out a new single which will distributed for free via blogs in November and he also has a new single dropping in February on Trouble & Bass + his “Calm Down” EP will be released in March.

Freeland – Only A Fool (AC Slater Vocal remix) (direct link)

PS. Check AC Slater tearing it up across the US ending in a huge night in NYC on November 21st with Joker, Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990. Here are the dates:

Nov 11 2009 – Bristol Bar – Columbus, Ohio
Nov 12 2009 – Czar Bar – Kansas City, Missouri
Nov 13 2009 – Muse – Washington DC
Nov 14 2009 – MJQ – Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 17 2009 – Czar Bar – Tampa, Florida
Nov 18 2009 – W Lounge – Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 19 2009 – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov 21 2009 – T&B w/Joker, Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990 – New York City

The Power EP

Jun 22 2009

Evil Nine is releasing their new EP “The Power” on Marine Parade today (you can get it from the label site). Below is a video edit of the title track and here is a little description of the three tracks on the EP:

“The Power – it’s powerful! It’s like running amok with a chainsaw at an 80s night. Unleashed in full effect to an unsuspecting crowd of french ravers at Montreal’s Igloofest, it was hot enough to unfreeze their gallic limbs and get them jumping like lunatics in sub zero temperatures. Speaking of heat…

The Heat – it’s hot ! You got a warehouse to check out under cover of night? You got a major drug deal going down with a Colombian cartel? You want to make a clean getaway from a bank job in your red Ferrari Testarossa? Or you just want to live and die in L.A? Then this is what you want on your stereo.

The Night – it’s nighty! It’s dusk, you got your linen suit on, sleeves rolled up, your motor is running and you just want to ride! Well, you would if you had passed your driving test. Fuck it, you’re going to do it anyway… That’s what this piece of music is saying.”

Evil Nine – The Power (video edit) (direct link, wav)


UK producer/DJ Freeland is about to release his new album on Marine Parade in June and “Under Control” is the first single off the album and this clubfriendly remix by Alex Metric features some huge beats that’s bound to make the dancefloor take off. Other remixers include horror afficionados Evil Nine, discopopsters Goldenbug and the techno outfit Zombie Nation.

Here is a stream of the track:

If you register on this page, they will send you a link for the mp3 of the track.

This should have been posted yesterday but, as you might know, I was trapped on a train. So now you get a Mixin’ It Up on a Saturday instead.

This time we have invited Alex Metric to do the mixin’. He will be releasing his EP “Deadly On A Mission” on Marine Parade on October, 20th so it is just natural that he has included some tracks from that release on this mix.


Phoenix – Schools rule

Always wanted to start a mix with this. One of my favourite bands ever. This has inspired me to go deeper and do a proper re-edit for my dj sets.

Golden Boy – I Cant Stop

Had never heard of Golden boy till a few weks ago. stumbled across them on beatport and swiftly bought all the tunes i could find. Really love their stuff! Golden Bullets is another track of theirs worth hunting for.

Cassius – Feeling For You (LRD Mix)

2 of my favourite and most influential artists head to head. Jaques can do no wrong in my eyes. and cassius are leg ends, so its a match made in heaven. Nearly 10 years old now but still sounds fucking
fresh to me.

Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body (Just A Band Mix)

LOVE Just a band at the moment. Their Alex Gopher mix has to be one of my most played tracks of the year. This is heading that way. its got some balls, but retains the funk and has a wicked filter disco vibe to it.

DJ DLT – Paramount (Rogerseventytwo Mix)

Another of my favourite producers right now. Roger has that french sound but with his own twist on it. this is another of my most played tunes over the last year. never fails. Top guy too.

Alex Metric – Caller

B side to my new ep. i’d like to think its a record that twists and turns and throws a few surprises in there.

Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Alex Metric Mix)

Pleasure to do a remix for a label like Fools Gold. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It was the first tune i used my brand new vocoder on!

Digitalism – Home (Proxy Mix)

It’s taken me a while to warm to Proxys stuff. It didnt grab me initially. But this and the Moby remix changed my mind. Simple tunes that sound huge out.

Bloc Party – Mercury (Herve Mix) Alex Metric re-edit

Herve’s stuff i can generally take or leave, doesnt really fit with what i play. Though when he goes a bit rocky i’m all over it. His Dune mix from early this year was excellent too. I like the distinct sections to this and the raviness. i just got rid of the half time bits and tideied it up a bit for my edit.

Alex Metric – Deadly On A Mission (Alex Metric Mix)

My remix of my vocal version of deadly on a mission. Confused? dont be! the full vocla version isnt so club friendly, and theres has already been the dub out so i needed a mix that sat in the middle. it has the vocals but will kill it on the dancefloor (I hope) :)”

Download: Alex Metric – Discobelle Mix (Sharebee)


The Marine Parade label are getting ready to go down to the WMC in Miami in about two weeks to put on their showcase (well, after all they’ll have to get through SXSW first). It will feature performances from Sta, Alex Metric, Z-Trip and Adam Freeland. The wonderful Naomi over at Darling Department gave us this electrolicious mix by Alex Metric that will most likely have you bouncing all the way from your office chair, via the obligatory after-work drink and all the way to the club.

Alex Metric Mix for Discobelle 2008 (Divshare)


Siriusmo – Girls rock – Exploited
Justice – New Jack – Ed Banger
Alex Gopher – Aurora (Riot In Belgium Mix) – Go 4 Music
Autokratz – it’s on – Kitsune
The Rapture – The Devil (alex Metric Bootleg) – CDR
Alex Metric – In your Machine – Marine Parade
Sharam Jey – Message2love (Alex Metric Mix) – King Kong
Infadel DJ’s – Stress thriller bootleg – CDR
Black Daniel – Gimme What You Got (Alex Metric Mix) – Pices of eight
Blende – Peaches – CDR
Shiny Toy Guns – The One (Adam Freeland Mix) – Mercury
Splittr – All Alone (Alex Metric Mix) – Eye Industries
Alex Metric – Pins – Marine Parade
DJ Dlg – Paramount (Rogerseventytwo mix) (Re edit)