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heartbeat(s) is Markus Garcia, formerly of LOL Boys and this track is his Halloween gift – a pounding technoinfluenced track with strings and vocal samples reminiscent of the soundtrack to not a horror movie but something more eerily suspenseful.

Those of you who’ve been following us for a while know that we’ve been big supporters of LOL Boys for years. So we definitely shed a tear or several when Markus and Jerome announced last month that they were going on a hiatus. But there’s always a silver lining. Markus has revealed a solo project called heartbeat(s) that has chill and lush house written all over it. So far he’s got four new tracks, our favorite being “All The Hexes.”

We had the chance to chat with Markus about his solo project and what else we can expect from heartbeat(s) in the future.

Nancy: Why a solo project and why specifically now?
Markus: Well, Jerome and I put LOL Boys on hiatus to pursue our own endeavors. We decided it was time to showcase our individual talents. Heartbeat(s) is my new solo output. Along with the solo work I am also working on other projects. Basically, I’ll always be working on music because it’s one of my favorite things to do in the world.

Nancy: The typical age old question: where did the name Heartbeat(s) come from and why is the “s” in parentheses?
Markus: There are a variety of sources from which the name came from, it was really a culmination of ideas and feelings that I had during the process of making the tracks. The parentheses also come from that process of creating the name and music. I like to play with perceptions and duality. Having the “s” in parentheses is just one example. Also, my friends all call me emo.

Nancy: How would you say the sound of Heartbeat(s) differs from LOL Boys?
Markus: Thats a difficult question because when doing LOL Boys, we explored so many different sounds. Also, being a part of LOL Boys for such a long time there will always be similarities and remnants in all my productions.

Nancy: I kind of want to call your music beach house cause it’s so lush and effortlessly chill. How would you categorize it?
Markus: The sound is really influenced from my environment. Summer was shifting into autumn and I was moving from Montreal to Vancouver. I was listening to a lot of house and techno but at the same time ambient and r&b music. I’d like to think the productions are very house informed with elements and influences from r&b and techno.

Nancy: What are your future plans for Heartbeat(s)? Is there an album that we can expect?
Markus: There will be a track out soon on the Silverback compilation cd. There will be releases on other labels following. There’s also other projects in the works and I will definitely be giving out a few songs here and there.

One final word is thanks to Discobelle and it’s readers for all the support they gave LOL Boys since day one. From the “Mixin’ It Up” to the self-titled ep they released and beyond.

As a final question, we asked Markus to share his current top five videos. Notice how we didn’t specify “music” videos.

Capracara – “Ronin”:

Andy Stott – “Numb”:

Otters Holding Hands:

Montreal Spring Time:

Nurse Cheryl Eating Pizza: