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After the success of his recently released album “Invisible”, much acclaimed German house DJ/producer Sharam Jey is set to release the second instalment of the album’s stellar remix package, “Invisible – The Remix Album (Part 2)”, via Bunny Tiger Records on December 10th (Part 1 of the remix package dropped about two weeks ago)

The full 22 track remix album (Part 1 and Part 2) follows the original LP (released back in September) which saw him deliver 14 synth laced tracks that drew inspiration from the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Röyksopp, Daft Punk and Depeche Mode with guest vocal contributions from Little Boots, Dirty Vegas, KLP, Kat, Dacia Bridges and Ashibah.

The second remix package includes reworks by the likes of likes of Kolombo and Mason, we here at Discobelle can premiere the remix from UK based producer Vanilla Ace which makes sure to transform the track “Planet Love” into a steadfast, deep house groover that will make wonders on dancefloors.

All in all, the new remix album complements the original LP perfectly and serves up an intriguing variety of dancefloor ready tracks by a handpicked array of international talents.

Dutch dance act Mason return with a double A-sided single as the next offering taken from new album “ZOA”.

“Solid Gold” is a track that features the vocals of Dutch avant-garde songstress Pien Feith while track itself is centered around an italodisco beat and an immense hook.

Italian producer/dj His Majesty Andre bursts back onto Discobelle with the premiere of his hypnotic remix that turns a cinematic approach to the track giving us more of a slo-mo, bassfilled house action.

Dutch production duo Mason burst onto the dance music scene back in 2007 and are now set to release their second album “ZOA” on August 26th, the album is an eclectic collection of genre-bending, electronic based jams that crosses between italodisco to house, electro to indiepop.

“For the last two years we’ve released lots of club oriented stuff, but kept on making all kinds of other music in the background. Making only club driven tracks 24/7 is just a bit dull!” says Iason. We had absolutely no musical boundaries making ZOA. Anything goes, as long as we’re digging it. It’s the opposite of writing DJ tool ‘fodder’, or pre-fabricated radio hits. It made the whole process so enjoyable.”

The first album single is the funky track “Gotta Have You Back” features Rouge Mary of Hercules & Love Affair and this remix from Australian house producer Beni gives us a deep, stuttering house bass, cut up vocals and a general swagger that’s bound to make it a dancefloor hit.

Cristian Dinamarca has to be one of the hardest working dj’s/producers in Sweden, he’s been holding down residents at a number of big clubs in Stockholm and been touring like a madman.

2012 will see him drop his debut EP on Helsinki label Top Billin, he’ll also release an EP with fellow Swedish producer Tony Senghore on Mason’s Animal language label. Cristian just hit us up with his latest track, “Jaguar” is a bassdriven, funky number that immediatekly grabbed our attention and we can see this causing havoc.

The latest release on Discobelle Records is out today and comes from UK techno duo Disco Of Doom with the massive “Invader EP”.

Disco Of Doom – Invader EP – Discobelle Records by discoofdoom

Techno afficianados Disco of Doom have gifted us with a release of dark and otherworldly tech house that’s both a series of polished and efficient club anthems as much as it a hectic, unhinged portrait of the back alleys of clubs and plagues of the not-too-distant future.

“Invader” starts off the package with a bang, sounding like Zombie Nation driving a rickety Sedan into a lamp post and then stumbling down an empty street at midnight with a broken arm. With a bit of an acid house tinge laced in around its rougher edges, it’s tech-house meets weird-house meets a burning down house in the middle of the suburbs.

Arveene & Misk’s rework of “Invader” sounds like the inside of that burning house, electronics short circuiting and the smoke alarm sending out a perfectly pitched screaming synth warning while smoke fills up everything in front of you. Pitching the vocals up and down while a barrage of wheezing, hazy chords race overtop, it’s destined for big things.

“Doomsday” is filled with schizophrenic stuttering vocal samples, crashing cymbal kicks and squelchy synth stabs that are perching on the cusp of spilling out of the speakers and congealing in a sludgy dark pile in the corner of the club.

Continuing his year of exceptional work, Bowski produces another perfect jam, smoothing out some of the rougher edges and distilling “Doomsday” to its humid essence with a riff that spirals and oscillates around the vocals while a percussive woodblock keeps time above everything. It feels like you’re ascending out of hell on a slightly malfunctioning escalator, dreamy and unsettling at the same time.

“Space 2.0″ is a song about one of those times when you’re wearing sunglasses because anything in daylight feels like it’s going to scorch your retinas straight off your eyeballs..

Finally, “Alice Cooper” likely refers to the period in his career before he started golfing, back when face paint, boa constrictors crawling around your shoulders and a stage show featuring (fake?) public executions were the defining points of Cooper’s character. The track embodies a resurrection of that early 70’s druggy territory, filtered through a satanically possessed MPC. Mason’s “School’s Out” rework may cash in on the cheap thrills of the track’s title, but certainly keeps the vibe of the original pulsating with its echoing drums gaining momentum as they wind through the track.”

You can grab the Arveene & Misk remix over on the Disco Of Doom Facebook page in exchange for a “like”.

BONUS: Grab this epic mix done for the Glade Festival:

Disco Of Doom Invade Glade Festival 2011 Podcast by discoofdoom

Roison Murphy’s voice alone has enough dreamy command to carry any track along with overwhelming “oomph”, but this production by Mason also gets filtered through the bumpy house lens of Oliver $. The end product feels so absolutely organic that you can forget it’s a remix; a vocal house tune that’s reserved; but one that culminates in a moment of well deserved dancefloor nirvana. Apparently recorded while Roison was “heavily pregnant”, maybe her unborn child had something to do with it.

Mason feat. Roisin Murphy – Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)

Grab the EP here, and also consider Mason’s revamped version of Jesse Rose’s “Sleepless” on Made To Play that you can pick up alongside reworkings by Catz ‘N Dogz & Round Table Knights.

Sex Face

Aug 17 2010

Disco Of Doom are just about to unleash their brand new single “Engine EP” (out soonish on Gung Ho! Recordings) and they were kind enough to send this over for you all to feast your ears on until the releasedate. The massive A-side “Sex Face” has been getting props from Brodinski, Drop The Lime, Zinc, Kissy Sell Out, Etienne De Crecy, Alex Metric, Mason, Plump DJs and more.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/discoofdoom/sets/disco-of-doom-engine-ep-gung-ho”]

BONUS: Video of Brodinski dropping the tune.