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Terranova (producers Fetisch and &ME) returns to Kompakt with the March 31st release of the “Headache EP” which is comprised of an impressive assortment of clubready, rugged house tracks. In preparation for the new EP, Fetisch recorded his annual Pogosession mix which includes a bunch of their new tracks.

Bulgarian producer KiNK with a stellar live remix of the always on point Berlin producer/dj Adam Port and his latest drumrattling single “Black Noise”. The remix version of the single is released on Cocoon today and also features a remix from fellow Berliner &ME.

“This is a live remix / arrangement I did for my friend Adam Port. Here i have 8 loops, coming from my PC. They are played back by Jeskola Buzz software, my favorite platform. A NI Audio 8 interface is sending 8 mono signals to this Mackie 16.8.2 console. The 8 channels are going into the 8 busses, where i fix my levels after preamp and eq. It gives me the option to play without being afraid of losing my levels. On the Insert at the channel #5 I have MFB Microzwerg, acting as a filter. I have the Knas Moisturizer spring reverb as a Send effect, most notable on the big clap. I hope you like this live jam…”