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After their releases on Discobelle Records, Snatch and Made To Play – Discobelle family members in Montreal duo Prince Club pay a visit to the kingdom of Denmark for their third release in year with their new “Utopia/Olivia” EP. The EP is released by our brothers across the bridge in Copenhagen based label Demento Mori.

This solid EP is packed full of bouncey house and it boasts remixes from Copenhagen locals MHM One & Dan M, accompanied by French new player Coni, Irish mad man Lorcan Mak and Hungarian powerhouse Slap In The Bass. Support from Oliver $, Brodinski, Sound Pellegrino, Round Table Knights, Bambounou, Mad Decent, Ardalan, MunniBrotherz, LOL Boys, Wildlife!, MikiX The Cat, Sinden, Poupon, Douster, Neoteric, Meati & Meech, Andy George, Act Yo Age, Playmode, Anna Lunoe etc.

Prince Club – Utopia / Olivia EP by Demento Mori

BONUS: The boys did a smashing mix in order to promote the release.

Prince Club Demento Mori Mix Nov ‘011 by Prince Club


Mar 23 2011

Sound Pellegrino and Discobelle Records join forces to bring you the biggest party in the Cosmos. In Miami today at the Electric Pickle, presented by Scion. See you there!

Starring, in alphabetical order:

Bart B More
Carli (Savage Skulls)
French Fries
Gina Turner
Gucci Vump
Harvard Bass
LOL Boys
Meati & Meech
Mikix The Cat
Rebecca & Fiona
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team (DJ Orgasmic and Teki Latex)
Teenage Mutants

We’re excited to bring you the newest release on Discobelle Records from Italian producer 1984 (Andrea Normanno), the globally minded “La Mecca” EP. Sounding like the best street party (or riot) you’ve ever been to, it’s an unhinged celebration with huge cowbell, horn stabs, and drum heavy, globally percussive techno music. It’s intricate and focused but also feels like it’s ready to degenerate to pure sweaty dancefloor magic at any second.

Big things are happening on remix duties, where Toronto team Meati & Meech deliver a six minute spanning moment of heightening power horn power, leaving you feeling like you’re riding on the back of a rusted out hummer speeding through the desert, trying desperately not to fall off.

Arcs (one half of Sweat It Out! duo Act Yo! Age) get wavy with some distorted trumpets, and Misery Peat runs the track through a gauntlet of synth bleeps, turning it into a nightmarish level from some bootleg Super Mario Bros. game that’s only sold on the Bangladesh black market.

Finally, fellow up-and-coming Italian producer NT89 contributes a ecstatic pulsating laser blast of a track that’s been backed by Brodinski & Crookers. Like the sound of a flare gun exploding in the sky over the middle of the ocean, or someone swallowing their own tongue while staring at a strobe light, it quickly gets your attention and holds on tight.

1984 – Arabesque (NT89 Remix)

Show us some love and pick up the package on Beatport because we would really appreciate it.

Also, here’s a bonus guest mix from 1984, featuring some big room house thrills all around.

1984 – La Mecca EP Mix 2011

Tracklisting after the jump:

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elctroTO released their new charity EP today, go buy it. it’s for a good cause and has some great tracks on it:

“Today, Friday December 3rd, marks a very important day here at electroTO. We are unveiling our second annual Producing For Presents charity EP, a yearly holiday initiative which enlists our most beloved local DJs to produce tracks and sell them in an attempt to raise money for a charitable cause. Indeed, like last year, all proceeds will be donated to the Heart House Hospice, a local charity which will ultimately use the donations to purchase Christmas presents for children in less fortunate circumstances. Once again, Wrongbar has been kind enough to open its doors to us and host an EP release party on December 18th, featuring all of our closest DJ comrades.

As you will see, the EP is a giant leap from last year’s edition, with nine original compositions, all at the pinnacle of their respective genres. The entire collection can be purchased for $10 via PayPal on our Bandcamp page, which we’ve linked below. These producers have worked tirelessly to put forth these tracks out of the goodness of their heart, and your purchasing them will only solidify these efforts. Certainly, the holiday season is a time to rejoice with friends and family, but we must also be conscious of those who literally cannot afford that luxury. Thanks for your support. Peace & Love, eTO familia.”