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Swedish rapper Silvana Imam just dropped her debut full length album “Naturkraft” via Refune – translates to “force of nature” which is exactly what this is. 14 unstoppable tracks with guest appearances from Beatrice Eli, Cherrie, Erik Lundin, Jaqe, Michel Dida and Unge Ferrari.


The track “Telefonen” from Michel Dida’s debut EP has now been edited by Swedish grammy winner Erik Lundin who tacks on an extra verse over the moody dark beat courtesy of producer Nisj. This is pure fire!


Arif is an Oslo based rapper that earlier this year dropped what’s considered to be the Norwegian hip hop album of the year with his “HighEnd/Asfalt” release.

One of the stand out tracks on the album is “Sulten” (meaning “Hungry” in Norwegian), Swedish rappers Michel Dida and Erik Lundin (AKA Eboi) together with the mighty force known as Respect My Hustle puts their mark on the track with this amazing version.

“The song is called “Sulten” which means hungry in Norwegian. It represents a mindstate that I was in. Its just a accumulation of thoughts and feelings behind the struggle of “making it” in whatever field that you are pursuing. All the invincible barriers that are put in front of you beacause of your ethinicity, religion, or social background. I wanted a different perspective and take on the track, so it was only right to contact RMH. Michel Dida and Erik Lundin are among my favourite rappers from Sweden, and I knew they understood the meaning behind the track, so it was an honor that they wanted to get on it. And of course they killed it.”