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Australian producer Inkswel is as most of you already know a major production talent across 80’s boogie funk, early hip hop, soul, disco, house, smashing edits and more.

He offered our friends in NYC funk outfit FSQ an opportunity to do a remix for his next remix EP single. The track “Together” is taken from his latest album “Unity 4 Utopia” (which was recently released on https://soundcloud.com/bbemusic“>BBE Music) and features the amazing jazz/funk/soul vocalist Colonel Red on lead vocals. The remix EP drops June 3rd.

The FSQ remix was recorded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in early April 2016 at the studios of Soul Clap Records artist Midnight Magic in a collaboration together with label mate and Jamaican native David Marston.

The track is transformed in a typical FSQ Caribbean Disco style, “a la Sly and Robbie” with a warm, funked up feel, a tasty guitar skank and some sweet reggae piano – making this something we’ll blast at all our upcoming outdoor parties and you should too.

NYC disco outfit Midnight Magic will release their debut full length “Walking The Midnight Streets” November 13th on their own label Midnight Sun Sound. New track “Diamonds” is filled with rolling synths and echoing vocals together with brass melodies.

The Brooklyn-based group Midnight Magic first won over my affections with their single “Beam Me Up” with its undeniably catchy chorus and singer Tiffany Roth’s big diva vocals. Jacques Renault then gave the already golden disco track some extra sparkle with a remix that really can only be described as magic. Lately the 9 person ensemble has been preparing for and now celebrating the release of their latest EP, What The Eyes Can’t See, which drops today on Midnight Sun Sound. We’re celebrating too with the premiere of a b-side, “Psycho For Your Love,” that will be released on the EP. Here Tiffany Roth takes a step back from her usual powerhouse belts with more demure vocals on this soothing disco-funk song. This track is sure to cure your ears and ease your mind.

What The Eyes Can’t See EP Tracklist
1.  What The Eyes Can’t See
2.  Heat
3.  Julio
4. Someone’s Watching Me
5.  Calling Out
6.  Psycho For Your Love (Bonus)
7. Magic Midnight (Bonus)