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New Jersey based founder of labels Troubleman and Italians Do It Better Mike Simonetti travels the world playing obscure disco/house, on occasion he also remixes tracks. Here’s his take on “Everything Falls Apart” from L.A quartet The One Am Radio that focuses on the whisperlike vocals but injects the track with a steady beat for all you late night dancers.

The One Am Radio – Everything Falls Apart (Mike Simonetti remix) (ge.tt)

BONUS: Kanyeezy also gets a remake.

Mike Simonetti – Mr West’s Lights vers. by mike simonetti

Love Thing

Jan 7 2011

We’ve been following New York based producer/dj Eli Escobar for a couple of years now and he just dropped his brand new “Love Thing” remix EP on Plant Music which happens to feature some heavy remixes from top producers such as DJ Mehdi, Runaway, Mike Simonetti and John Selway. Eli himself also took a go and did his own amazing rework of the track, sexy pianodriven disco/house at its finest with some sax business thrown in to take the sexiness up a notch.

Eli Escobar – Love Thing Part 1 (Eli Escobar’s Rework) (ge.tt)

BONUS: Grab the DJ Mehdi remix below and check out the whole EP over on Soundcloud.

Eli Escobar – Love Thing Part 2 (DJ Mehdi Club Mix) (ge.tt)

Eli Escobar – Love Thing (Remix EP) by Plant Music


Apr 14 2009


Aleks Discodust tipped off us Grindin peeps about Desire which is the new project from the now Montreal based producer Johnny Jewel (of Chromatics and Glass Candy fame) and it also consists of singstress Megan Louise. A day later we saw that the track “If I Can’t Hold You” was officially leaked by Mr Mike Simonetti over at Italians Do It Better. This is one of our favorite tracks at the moment. Cold yet at the same time light italodisco that will suck you in and leave you reeling for more…

Desire – If I Can’t Hold You (AIFF file, zShare)

Mike Simonetti

Apr 4 2009


Italians Do It Better head honcho Mike Simonetti gives us his latest mix entitled “African Connection”. Spring is in the air!

“…It is mostly African disco lps and 45’s mixed with some Caribbean and Jamaican tunes in there for good measure. No real mixing here, just kicking back and fading in and out for maximum early Spring vibes, so dont expect a dj spectacular here – it’s all about the selection. As a matter of fact, this mix was done while playing with the big man on the floor– true multitasking…”

Mike Simonetti – African Connection Mix (zShare)

BONUS: His funktastic edit of the Jackson 5 track “Express Yourself”.

Jackson 5 – Express Yourself (Mike Simonetti edit) (zShare)