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Seattle rapper Aaron Cohen drops his impressive and gritty “Murk” mixtape (presented by Mishka) and on this 16-track affair we get beats from a slew of producers such as Shady Blaze, Kyle Rapps, A$AP Ty Beats (the man behind A$AP Rocky’s “Peso”), Black Noi$e and Ryan Hemsworth etc.

NYC label Mishka going strong with their Keep Watch mix series, this one sees the French legion known as Club Cheval dropping one stellar mix.

“Although the French electro-madmen of Club Cheval have been very busy performing globally, they’ve taken time out from their incessant partying to graciously hook us up with the newest installment in our Keep Watch series to help promote their current Summer tour. This is clearly a mix made by international nightlife moguls: It features a jacked-up blend of house, Hot 97-esque sexjams, and cerebral techno remixes which make this edition of Keep Watch appropriate for discerning partiers of all different creeds. If we’re to believe what we hear in this selection of tracks, booty-dropping and “Bodytalk” in general are universal languages.

It’s no wonder the mix is so diverse – Club Cheval is a team of four well-respected DJs that all come from different stylistic backgrounds. They’re kind of like the hot boy band of the DJ world in that they’ve got the rock ‘n’ roll one, the retro one, the cool younger one, and the hip-hop one…and they’re all totally dreamy!

You shouldn’t expect any canned radio anthems from this wild crew, though: Panteros666 is a professional drummer who has played with Sexual Earthquake in Kobe as well as The Teenagers, and this intimate familiarity with dirty beats is reflected in his affinity for thumping, tribal percussion in his remixes. Canblaster believes that everything old can be made new again and uses vintage synthesizers and equipment to showcase that idea. Myd‘s fresh take on classic dancefloor goodness has made him a favorite of top-notch DJs Solo, Brodinski, Sinden, and Radioclit. Finally, Sam Tiba drops his hip-hop knowledge in the group’s tracks, tweaking them with bits of ghetto goodness throughout the mix.

Together, their stellar remixes have cropped up in our Keep Watch series in the past, and we’re glad to give them the space to show us what all their talents can do when you turn them loose for an hour or so. They use both their individual and collective skills to showcase their sublimely cut-up tracks on this mix, then diplomatically juxtapose them with R&B of the sing-songy persuasion, as with Omarion’s jump-rope-rhyme catchy “I Think My Girl Is Bi.” The standout tracks come from the group’s own Myd with the slinky “Octodip” as well as Canblaster’s fresh remix of Drop the Lime’s “Hot as Hell,” which will almost certainly help you become fluent in the language of grinding.”

Мишка Presents Keep Watch Vol. XXVI: Club Cheval by Мишка Bloglin

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UK born and bred dance label Night Slugs could very well be named label of the year with an impeccable record of releases that have had people dancing to their bassy sounds all over the world, here they – label founders and head honchos Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 – team up with NYC clothing label Mishka and the 20th edition of their Keep Watch Mix Series for what could be one of the mixes of the year.

Ðœishka presents Keep Watch Vol. XX: Night Slugs (zip file, Megaupload)

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Mishka are going at it with the 17th edition of their Keep Watch Mix Series.

“This month’s Keep Watch Mix comes courtesy of our hometown bass warrior AC Slater of the infamous Trouble & Bass crew. These pounding 33 minutes drive you through his upcoming release peppered with a host of acapellas to intensify the experience, which starts out with the Drop The Lime remix of Slater’s upcoming single “Take You Higher”. It then progresses to a more bass-heavy and dubstep sound provided by the help of label mates Ninjasonik and Klash77. Wrapping it up with a 3am “Eternal” vibe that comes courtesy of Luna C – the old school rave producer of 92 Eternal’s “The Feeling”.”

Mishka Presents: Keep Watch Vol. 17 – AC Slater (Mediafire)

BONUS: The video for the recently released “Take You” single which also features Ninjasonik.


AC Slater | MySpace Music Videos

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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