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Rowan Jones aka Route 94 is about to make your weekend a whole lot better.

His newest release “Shards Of Glass” is a creepy yet funky synth-driven piece of house music. No surprise here that this beautifully produced track slams with a rattling sub bass and 80’s keyboard licks, additionally it’s smooth rolling bassline and piano stabs make it a perfect addition to any musical library.

The best part? It’s available for free download thanks to our friends over at Mixmag. So go on and get your dancing shoes ready, you’re gonna need them.


Mysterious producer Blackedout returns with low slung bass and breezy synthladen track “Champagne”, it still manages to maintain a pop sensibility thanks to the chopped The Spinners vocal sample. (Via Mixmag)


Jan 20 2012

Newly started label Congaloid is the brainchild of Italian but now based in London producer/dj Stefano Ritteri who might be better known as Solo, he has made a name for himself with releases on highly regarded dance music labels such as Deadfish, Sound Pellegrino and Dirtybird. His latest release “The Flea Circus/Cringe” dropped a few weeks ago on Kling Klong. Congaloid has already two releases under its belt, the inaugural release “Alki Bamba” comes from the label boss himself and is one prime example of tribal percussion based modern house music that will leave your booty shaking for days.

“For years I have been thinking about starting a label. Initially it was a joke amongst friends, a thought about being a “taste maker”, a response to the frustration that sometimes we, as producers, experience when we finish a new song and would like to put it out there as soon as possible, but sometimes label politics induce long delays, or even worse, cancellations. I was lucky enough to start releasing on great labels pretty quickly and this opened doors, introduced me to lots of people, amazing producers, and taught me how this game must be played. With this in mind I am now starting this new adventure, called Congaloid. What I want to do is expose new artists, try to get them visibility and show to my fellow djs and fans their music. There are so many labels around that sometimes we miss great songs and ideas simply because they get lost in the big internet mess. It gives me great pleasure when I find some new producers out there and play their songs before anyone else, and I hope that Congaloid will give the same feeling to every listener and every avid dj that wants the freshest stuff. Listening to all the promos that already arrive daily in my e-mail makes me feel like back in the “record shops days”, when I used to queue to get the latest vinyl, even better if it had a white label on, so I could play it to people for first and (just sometimes) lie about the title or the producer… I am very happy with the music we have so far and will be released in the coming months, and I am also excited to hear comments, feedbacks, suggestions from anyone who will care to do so…

Congaloid is a crew forming right now…welcome on board… :)”

Solo also just did a mix for esteemed music magazine Mixmag.

Tracklist for the mix can be found after the jump.

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