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“Water” is the first single to emerge from London based artist/producer Palmistry’s forthcoming “Afterlife” album (will drop in May 2019 via Mixpak). “Water” is an intimate single produced by longtime collaborator SOPHIE, a woozy anthem about disconnection.

Palmistry is the project of London-based vocalist, songwriter and producer Benjy Keating who focuses on his stripped back pop music and forward-thinking production. Since the release of his much-acclaimed debut album, “Pagan”, he has been hunkered down in Athens, Greece and in the Mixpak Studios in Brooklyn piecing together new album “Afterlife”. In the meantime, he has also had his work interpolated by Tory Lanez, Cashmere Cat and Major Lazer on “Miss You”, been tapped for production by Swedish artist Yung Lean, and made a full album for cult Vietnamese-Chinese artist Triad God.

Just like Lil Bow Wow or Lil Romeo or maybe even some folks who don’t have the word “lil” at the beginning of their name but who show a lot of talent early in life, UK producer Melé has accrued some massive credentials while technically still being a teenager. Among the notable ones is the “Bombay” EP, three tracks of swelling, amorphous dance music on Mixpak Records. Another might be his recent tunes dropped on Sinden’s Grizzly label, not to mention all the accolades he’s been getting from Annie Mac, Sinden, Brenmar and Toddla T,

But instead of praising Melé for accomplishing so much at a young age, we’re going to praise him for never sticking to a single format for too long. And while the new Starlight EP dropping Sept. 12th on Mixpak Records doesn’t abandon the sound he’s been cultivating for the past few years, it does bring in some new elements into the tapestry – murky Detroit techno pings and Southern rap snare rolls are now mixed into proceedings.

The first track, “Starlight Express,” takes a page out of the bangin’ Jeff Mills playbook while “What’s The 411” flips Dance Mania drums on their face. The other two cuts, “Lego” and “Raider”, manage to merge contemporary rap production signifiers with otherworldly electro, creating the perfect soundtrack to the next Sci-Fi blockbuster starring Waka Flocka Flame.

Stream it below and show Lil Melé, er sorry, just Melé some support by grabbing the EP on the 12th.

Mel̩ РStarlight EP by Mixpak

Mixpak Records is the label that’s going to hands down have the breakout album of 2011. This is referring of course, to the Dre Skull produced upcoming Vybz Kartel collaboration LP , titled “Kingston Story” – the followup to the huge Jamacian smash hit “Yuh Love”.

Dre Skull talks a bit below about the creation of the album and the first single, the horn heavy, Hot 97 ready summer-anthem-to-be “Go, Go, Wine”. You can stream the track below, be on the lookout for when it drops in digital retailers on May 4th, madness.

For the last nine months I’ve been working with Vybz Kartel on a full length album and it’s finally time to let the world hear some music. The album, ‘Kingston Story,’ will be out in June, but the first single, ‘Go Go Wine,’ will be released on May 3rd and Toddla T debuted it on his BBC Radio 1 show last Thursday during a special show on Jamaican music. Listen back to the show which has a bunch of great interviews and music (including a quick interview he did with me last time we were in Kingston). Pitchfork also showed support and debuted a stream of ‘Go Go Wine’ (which has resulted in 80 plus YouTube rips). On Friday, the track got radio support fom Jabba (of Massive B fame) who gave the track multiple spins on Sirius XM and from Max Glazer who dropped the track on his Federation Sound show on EVR.

I want to take a moment to give a special shout out to Mr. Glazer, because I wrote the riddim for ‘Go Go Wine’ in January after I played him a bunch of cuts from the Kartel album and he shared his perspective on what the album had and what it might be missing. Basically, he mentioned that the record could use a real Hot 97 friendly/rhythmic dancehall cut and I took his advice and went back into the studio before my last trip to record with Kartel. Respect for the advice!

Vybz Kartel – Go Go Wine by Mixpak

Das Racist continually amaze me. In between a non-stop output of two free mixtapes, the seminal “Shut Up, Dude” and collaboration heavy “Sit Down, Man”, they’ve found a position in hip hope somewhere between serious social criticism and rapping about Days of Our Lives (the soap opera), anxiety and gmail chat.

In this personally curated visual mix for allseeing eyes of the internet Network Awesome, Das Racist leaves you with a series of clips from all over the musical spectrum. From a fledgling MGMT playing Talking Heads to “Miss Honey” to Herbie Hancock to Bizzy Bone performing “Don’t Jesus Make You Feel Good” on the Maury Povich Show, there’s some eye opening weirdness for everyone.

Network Awesome presents: The Live Music Show – Das Racist

Bonus Das Racist goods:

Das Racist ft. Lakutis- Swate (Mediafire)

Read an interview Network Awesome additionally penned with Kool A.D of Das Racist

Read an interview with Mixpak Records where they talk about their most uncomfortable moments, fake patois and Marina Abramovic performance art.

“Midsummer Tales” is the name of Koyote’s ambitious first installment of a trilogy of EP’s he has set for release on one of my favorite imprints over the last few years, Mixpak Records. Meticulously crafted on hardware synths and drum machines, Koyote pushes beyond his booty/ghetto-tech roots, tapping into a wide ranging set of influences, from Deep Purple to Kenny Larkin.

Packed with inventive analog rhythmic gymnastics, this EP looks back to the glory days of intelligent techno for inspiration but takes the sound further. The term “psychedelic body music” has been thrown around to describe a new breed of producers making tripped out analog music that you can actually dance to. “Midsummer Tales” extrapolates on this idea: it is a record that works both on the dancefloor and the motorway.

Composed during a road-trip around the south of France, this EP is the soundtrack to Koyote’s gallic adventure: overnight trains, August heatwaves, the whir of crickets and napping under bamboo trees. Join him.

Available now from iTunes, Beatport, and Juno.

We’ve also got an exclusive track that’s not on the EP, but one that still conjures up visions of a campfire next to a stream where a bunch of woodland creatures emerge and start shaking their junk.

Koyote – Dragonfly Frenzy

For more summer nostalgia, check out the hugely underrated video for Mixpak boss Dre Skull’s remix of “Wellness is Wild” by Goon & Koyote, and watch Mixpak for an absolutely gigantic Vybz Kartel collaboration album coming up in the near future. You can read an interview with Dre Skull at Soundclash where he talks in detail about the collaboration.