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J Rick is a founding member of Essie Gang and he has been instrumental in shaping Octavian’s sound, producing some of his biggest tracks such as “Party Here” to “Hands” to “Lightning” as well as production work for other Essie members like Michael Phantom and L3.

Now he’s gearing up to launch his own solo career with his debut mixtape “No Retreat, No Surrender” this September. The amazing sounding mixtape features guests such as Obongjayar, Rimon and Octavian, with the title being an homage to his uncle and hero, British boxer Errol Christie and his life mantra.

The mixtape covers all different clubs sounds including rap, house, garage and grime; as well as featuring clips from Errol’s interviews, it was also inspired by his life; from growing up in the National Front heartland of the UK midlands in the 70’s to becoming a British boxing champion.

Check out the Egypt filmed visuals for the cinematic sounding club track “Gone” above.

The man, the myth, the legend known as Teki Latex should be well known to everyone who’s into forward thinking club music. Since his involvement with acclaimed French rap group TTC, he’s emerged as one of the most prolific dj’s/producers out of Paris.

A while back he turned his focus to dj’ing with the purpose of giving every mixtape the same attention that a recording artist would give to an EP/album and hoping that people treat them, listen to them and react to them the same way as they would an album. His recent, mind-bending and boundary pushing “King Of Blends” mixtape trilogy focused on giving iconic pop tracks and classic underground tunes a new context by layering them with more modern and obscure tracks. The mixtape trilogy was lauded with praise.

His absolutely fantastic new mixtape “The Tardigrade’s Lament” is a simpler affair that doesn’t deal with a specific concept or being filled with spectacular blends but instead it’s designed to reflect the vibe of his recent dj sets and also the general melancholic vibe of the last days of summer ie “just a good mixtape to close your eyes and travel mentally to”.

“The tardigrade is a micro-animal found everywhere, from mountain tops to deep sea, from tropical rainforests to the Antartic. It is able to survive extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation. It can have sex in outer space. Under unfavourable conditions, it goes into a state of suspended animation in which it can survive for years or even decades, making the tardigrade virtually immortal. I’m not trying to say « I am like a tardigrade » or « this mixtape is a tardigrade », i’m just saying, tardigrades are really cool.”

Swedish producer Donnie Castle has introduced himself during 2017 as an artist to watch with the release of a single trilogy that dealt with his struggle to leave a destructive life behind. The dark and dancey single tracks received a significant amount of attention both in Sweden and internationally.

We here at Discobelle are proud to present an exclusive stream of Donnie Castle’s debut mixtape “Donnie” which is due to be released tomorrow February 16th, and the 11 track mixtape includes features from among others OG Maco, Rome Fortune, and dopeSMOOTHIES.