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NYC night walker, Jacques Renault releases his latest aural assault for the home team at Let’s Play House NYC. The ‘Out Of Sync EP’ features four original cuts that span the gamut of house from the acidic psychedelia of opener, ‘I Like It (Feat. The Emperor Machine), to the 10,000 leagues below deepness of ‘Akron’. B-Side, ‘Make Up,’ is retro in all the right ways while EP closer, ‘M.A.N.’ is the real winner for me here. The blissful pads and funky-worm mono-leads dance over a bed of sparse percussion and a bass line that just won’t quit.

Forthcoming on Let’s Play House NYC. Vinyl – Oct. 27th & Digital – Nov. 10th


We’ve previously featured the fantastic Chicago based producer/dj Kyle Woods here on Discobelle and now we once again get the chance to premiere one of his beautiful tracks.

“Let You In” starts off with a clicking, desolate sounding beat before the soulful and heartfelt vocals of Keiya kicks off along with an uplifting soundscape – albeit with a melancholic twist – that leaves us glowing.


Up and coming, UK house producer, Ben Gomori has been all over my radar this year with his fantastic series of free edits that found homes at sites such as House Of Disco, Let’s Play House NYC and right here at Discobelle.net!

Continuing the free vibes, Ben’s latest, gratis offering comes in the form of the appreciatively titled, ‘Thank You For Dancing’ and is a housed up rendition of some classic Mary J. Bubbly bass, stabby chords and chunky beats… one for the steppers, for sure!


Shir Khan always brings all things deep and funky when it comes to his extraordinary imprint, Exploited. The Sercret Gold series has given us some of the best underground tracks from the likes of Piemont, Huxley and Claptone, the sixth and latest installment is no different.

Secret Gold 6 starts out with my personal favorite, “Give It To Me” by PJU which features Josh Caffe & Robert Owens on the vocals. A soulful yet modern house track, it’s heavy on the horns and synths while hyper-sexed vocal cuts take the track to new heights. The rest of the EP is solid until the very end, Belgium’s very own Antilope’s dreamy concoction “Body Trouble” comes in next and is smooth mixture of deep house and dream pop. Finishing it off Kevin McKay (from Glasgow Underground) gives us a tribal tech house jam with “Everythings A Dream”, and newcomer Will Clarke’s wobbly “Gunna Give U” is a floor focused stomper.

You can purchase Secret Gold 6 now on Beatport, so what are you waiting for?! Go on and get down!


After almost a year, the fantastic House Of Disco label come with the latest EP from imprint stalwart, Harry Wolfman and his pal, Skinny Love. The ‘Celebre EP’ features 3 cuts from the duo that certainly don’t disappoint plus remix creds from the likes of The Revenge, JKriv and Kickflip Mike. The title cut is a subby, rolling house joint with bucket-loads of swagger and a sneaky tempo change that’s sure to ignite a dancefloor. ‘Slurpsville’ ups the tempo and leans heavier on it’s disco roots with a slap-bass and chipper percussion… this one gets the remix treatment from JKriv who houses up the joint real good.

Though The Revenge remixes are sure to catch ones attention, I feel that neither of them add much to the originals and are a tad superfluous. Sometimes you need to fluff your pillow, it would seem.

As always, comment on and repost your favourite track to enter a draw to win an advance copy of the vinyl!