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Teleseen is the alter ego of Gabriel Cyr – a producer/dj that’s based out of Rio de Janeiro and New York. His diverse influences ranges from Ethiopian jazz, Shangaan electro, afro house, samba, New York house/disco, Angolan house and dub techno that are all morphed into an original and very danceable mix of the best old and new dance music from across the globe.

His sublime “Anamorph EP” will be released July 22nd 2014 (a remix EP is slated to be released in September) on newly started label Feel Up Records which is run by Chris Leacock AKA Jillionaire of Major Lazer fame) who had this to say about the EP:

“Teleseen is truly one of my favorite producers… I fell in love with his work the first time I heard it. I particularly enjoyed this project ’cause it’s an easy listen from start to finish.”

The EP is aimed straight at the dancefloor showcasing the diverse style of Teleseen which is bound to make your booty shake.

Check out an exclusive and amazing mix done for us in Discobelle and then head on over to Spin to listen to the whole EP.


Philadelphia based producer/dj David Marston recently released his fantastic EP “Jamaicalia” (June 16th on Soul Clap Records).

“Jamaicalia is a marriage of Jamaica and Tropicalia. I first encountered the term Tropicalia as the caption of a photograph taken in Jamaica. Intrigued, I discovered that Tropicalia was an avant-garde art movement that was started in the 1960s in Brazil. The movement came to exemplify cultural hybridity. It encouraged cultural syncretism: the merging of various and divergent artistic influences with the purpose of creating something novel and powerful. I am fascinated by Brazilian music, and the songs that are featured on this EP undoubtedly have strong Brazilian influences. My music, to a great extent, is the result of fusion; it is a creolized music, a pastiche of diverse styles. While my music is not typically Jamaican, Jamaican culture has had a significant influence on my approach to music creation. For me, Jamaicalia is an apt title for this body of music, because it embodies an experimental amalgam of world and dance musical elements.”

And even though the World Cup in Brazil just ended we get to celebrate the release and dance tropicalia style with this smooth as silk remix done by David himself and Dan Izco (freebie download courtesy of Soul Clap Records).