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London artist Malunga completes her trilogy of singles with the arrival of the pulsating r’n’b jam “I Like” which drops tomorrrow Friday November 15th on Spinnup. The new single is an upbeat and energetic affair that pits a r’n’b influenced sound against a breezy tropical vibe.

“”I Like” is the ultimate confidence booster song. It’s all about feeling yourself and celebrating who you truly are. For me the song captures being spontaneous and living in the moment. This is my New Year anthem.”

Resa is the alter ego of Norwegian Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (who is perhaps best known for her role as “Sonja” in the international hit TV-show SKAM). She is continuing her acting career but Theresa is also ready to shift her focus on music – her one true passion.

Her new single “Borrowed Time” (released late last month via Toothfairy Music) was made in collaboration with fellow Norwegian producer Coucheron and combines jazzed up pop music with vintage and upbeat sounding disco/funk.

Australian electronic duo Night Tales are just about to release their new EP “HAUNT”, which explores the stages of forlorn romanticism.

The opening track “Ghost” features an upbeat house sound, but the theme of the track is more serious and involves dealing with a toxic relationship.

Norwegian rapper Arif released his album “Arif i Waanderland” (via Nora Collective)na couple of weeks ago, the album has been highly praised by critics and listeners alike. With the album, Arif has focused on trying to tell the story of his upbringing as a second-generation immigrant in Norway and the 13 tracks on the album showcase his sound, flow, and lyrics in order to set a new golden standard for Scandinavian hip hop/r’n’b.

Tomorrow Friday, November 8th marks the release of the stunning debut album “Made Me Feel” (out via KooKoo Records) from Montreal duo Fabrikate, that takes us on a trip back to the glory days of disco, a time when love was the answer, inclusion was the only message worth spreading and everyone was invited. Their sound is merged with that of house and upgraded to a modern feel but at the same time with a nod to the past.

“We both grew up immersed in disco in our own ways. The music and the culture of that era has always been a deep influence. Disco culture was very inclusive and non-
judgemental. It was always about the vibes and the experience. With Fabrikate we’re creating our own interpretation of what disco music means for us today.”

We here at Discobelle can premiere the smashing album track “Flame” that brings out a glorious vocal sample and plenty of funked up goodness.