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“FIEBRE” is the latest offering from Peruvian born but now Berlin-based production duo DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE. Their previous projects have been released on Lisbon label Enchufada, this time the pair partners with Mexican underground powerhouse NAAFI.

After a period of exploration after coming together in Lima, the duo started to look inwards to their own heritage for inspiration – becoming enamored by the sounds of Latin America, they embarked on a tropical futurist excursion and decide to name themselves Dengue Dengue Dengue back in 2010. The desire to marry traditional Latin rhythms and their love of club culture is at the heart of Dengue Dengue Dengue.

“Tropical music has been in our lives since we were kids…”

At first, they base their sound on the psychedelic cumbia sound that came out of the Peruvian jungle in the 70s, they follow by folding in elements of Afro-Peruvian music, traditional Andean cadence and Colombian cumbia, which is the pioneering iteration of the genre.

Dengue Dengue Dengue now once again expand their sound. Exploring polyrhythms and delving into new practices, and they continue to pave uncharted new paths for contemporary Latin dance music.

HIEDRAH Club De Baile is a movement occupying Buenos Aires with a manifesto to provide safe spaces for the LGBTQ and POC communities they serve, they were highlighted by Boiler Room back in June 2019 with a series of events showcasing the crew and its members. After having run the biggest alternative club events in BA for some years, the record label was soon birthed out of the momentum created by the artists, promoters, and creatives they were surrounded by.

The latest release “1973” comes from Oakland duo SUEUGA KAMAU that delivers sounds filled with darkness, roaring drums, a hypnotic beat, and in the midst of it all the voice of Salvador Allende breaking through in the form of his final political speech.

Released earlier this year via Eskimo Recordings, the “Cocktail EP” by Belgian producer Transistorcake is the sound of a night out on the town, on October 30th we get the re-edited versions courtesy of Berlin based NYC transplant Curses.

Here at Discobelle we can premiere the A-side track “Grenadine” that gets put through the wringer with a subtle emphasis on the slow and steadfast beat and the acid sounding synth work.

“There is such a strong element of improvisational chemistry in these songs, and I wanted to keep that hypnotic energy, and respect the live instrumentation. Just by adding some subtle details and arrangement changes it really accentuates the warmth in the body, and gives these tracks some added heavy jelly when played on a louder system.”