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I’ve been steadily enjoying Oliver’s track “Fast Forward” for the greater part of the last month so I figured it’s time to write something about it. Earlier this summer, I had the thought, “wow I wish Oliver would release some new music soon,” and then BOOM, “Fast Forward” popped up in my Soundcloud newsfeed like that sign from God I’ve been waiting so long for. If you will something hard enough, it happens.

Well what can I say about this track besides that it is very, very good and meets all I’ve come to expect from the LA-based duo. “Fast Forward” packs a punch, inspires hip shaking and fist pumping, and induces total euphoria all without using any “drops.” This track is the one guys.


Remember that song “Obsession” by one hit wonder group Animotion from the 80s that is just so unbelievably laden with hooks that you can’t help but groove to it every time it comes on? Well this isn’t that but you can’t think of it as a the new millennium’s revamp. Pop crooner Johnny Stimson has just released a track by the same name that’s every bit as catchy as its 80s sister. Johnny’s “Obsession” breaks things down to a more pre-internet time where it’s all teenage dreams and imagination.


Ilya Santana is a name synonymous with the Cosmic/Nu Disco sounds of southern Europe. The Canary Islands native has showcased an impressive body of work on such quality outlets as Eskimo Recordings, Nang, Tirk, Permanant Vacation and here, on Ruben & Ra’s, Retrospective.

Premiered here is the Rayko remix of Santana’s, ‘Big Foot,’ a slinky number with staccato guitar riffs and vintage arpeggios. Included in the package, which drops September 29th, are remixes from Nelue, Thomass Jackson and Future Feelings… a hot collection of high-stepping talent indeed.

Pre-order from Juno Download.


Dave Allison’s ever-reliable edit imprint, Editorial Records, offers up another fantastic collection of low slung, loopy jammers that are sure to cause fire on the dance-floor. A wide array of global talent is present here: UK representation from Matt Hughes and mermaidS, Siberian disco head, Sunner Soul and contributions from Brooklyn’s The Silver Rider and Milan’s, Dario Piana make this outing a multinational smorgasbord of shimmering talent.

Available now. Buy exclusively on Juno Download!


This new release from Justin Faust and Discotexas has had me groovin’ all weekend. If you missed my coverage of the original mix, peep it here.

This time, I wax poetic on the tasty remix from NTEIBINT, who pitches the tempo down to slinkier territories with his low slung version. Italo stylings and a half-time, chordal breakdown soundtrack visions of a dancing Spacer Woman and her Capricorn Man, locked in a cosmic embrace of Cybernetic Love.

If you like synthy shit, DIG THIS!



NYC production duo Housing Corp gives us some 80s fever with their new original mix “Vague,” a play on “Vogue” by Madonna. The duo only meant to sample the piano riff of Madonna’s iconic track, but got a little carried away and ended up using more of the vocals and percussion and we don’t blame them because the end result is disco dance magic.