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Amsterdam based producer/dj/composer SIROJ is a man with a serious work ethic, when he is not dj’ing at various residencies around the city he’s busy producing not just his own tracks but also tracks for various other artists most notably for some of the best selling rappers in The Netherlands. His original sound is named “slop” (coming from “sloppy house”) and contains elements of hip and house.

This exclusive and vibesfilled mix for us here at Discobelle shimmers with futuristic and bassfilled r’n’b sounds and takes us on a ride that should light up the summer.

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A lot of people have been waiting a long time for “Red Beach” by up-and-coming Irish producer Shriekin’ to come out. With Japanese flutes and Koto harp mixed with 16-bit style glass synths drenched in reverb and bass, “Red Beach” is some of the prettiest grime I’ve heard in a long time. It’s full of so many orange, pink, and crimson-colored sounds that playing “Red Beach” through headphones is like slipping on some rose-tinted sunglasses. If you’re like me and grew up playing a lot of Ninja or asian-themed video games, you’ll find something soothing and familiar in this track.

While the song itself has been getting underground radio play around the UK for quite some time, it officially came out this week on a limited vinyl pressing through Blacklink Sound. You can buy it here. The release includes b-side “Too Right” plus remixes from Australin producer Strict Face and the UK’s Slackk. You can listen to all the tracks, below!

Weiss Man Gone

London producer Weiss is no stranger to soulful, summertime tracks. “My Sister,” released in August 2013, is a classic that house track will always get hands in the air. His newest track, “Man Gone,” is no different.

Driven by a bluesy piano loop, “Man Gone” is a steady builder that transports you to a porch performance in the sultry, steamy South. Haunting, smokey female vocals sing about Death coming to visit a man with a fever. As the kick drops out at the final break, you can’t help but get chills as she sings, “Ohh, Death in the morning. Ohhhh. Death. Yes.”

“Man Gone” is out now on Toolroom Records. It includes a synth-driven remix from German duo Tube & Bergers. You can listen to both tracks, below, and purchase them here.

Weiss just finished the US leg of his Man Gone tour. He’ll be spending most of August down under in Australia and New Zealand. You can find more details here.


2015 has been a big year for Dutchman producer, Junktion, with heavily lauded releases for Sleazy Beats Black Ops, Slow Town Records plus an amazing outing on Detroit Swindle’s, Heist Recordings, as Fouk, his collaboration project with Daniel Lesemen. This latest outing for Razor-N-Tape Reserve is no exception and further cements his knack for groovy, organic house that is as funky as it is feel-good. Four cuts span this lovely, transparent-green 12″ record that kicks of with the title track, “Hot & Bothered,” a low-slung gem with chunky percussion and soulful croons. Next up, “I’m Wishin” treads familiar territory with some classic, Stephanie Mills samplage flipped in a very refreshing way followed by my pick of the bunch, “Fling Cleaning,” with it’s sunshine-laced swagger. Closer, “Visions Of You,” wraps things up with a dramatic drop in tempo but keeping the vibes of heavy funk, soul and irresistibility.

Buy the 12″ here.


Austin, Texas bad bwoy, MSCLS, drops in with his pals Feature Cuts plus vocalist, Savannah Low to present “Runaway,” a brutal, garage-house work out. We enter with some sparse, shuffling beats and melancholic, filtered chords that lead to a vocal breakdown before plunging head first into a stunning drop. Released as a free download, this one is sure to cause damage on many a dance floor!




German house duo Milk & Sugar were kings of the dancefloor last summer with their massive hit “Canto Del Pilon”, they now return with addictive new single “Ready Or Not” on which we can hear a nod to their roots of funk, soul and disco music. As you may have guessed they sample the classic track classic “Ready or Not Here I Come”, originally by The Delfonics but perhaps better known from The Fugees version.

Milk and Sugar takes the hook and with the help of a driven, heavy bassline transforms it into a thumping summer house anthem.


Tom Misch is absolutely killing it with this track, and the smooth vocals of Sam Wills definitely make this a must hear on this Friday. It’s stunning and absolutely perfect for the mellow vibes we’re looking for as we wind down, and the thought of the wine we’ll be downing later is what inevitably comes up with songs like this.

We at Discobelle are all about class and this is full of it. Check it out below.


CANVAS is a Swedish brother duo that makes soulful and shimmering house music, new single track “You & Me” is released today by our friends in House Music With Love sublabel With Love Recordings and it’s an absolute stunner with its heartfelt vocals from Filip Strand and its melancholic touch.