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Born in Monterrey but now residing in NYC producer/dj Delia Beatriz aka Debit has collaborated with some of the most scene defining platforms including NAAFI, MIXPAK, GHETTO GOTHIK, and shared stages with the likes of ARCA, KODE9, JUBILEE, and many others.

Her new track “Omeya” is featured on the new compilation “DISCOS EN 3 / CUARTOS” released via Kebrada (the label curated by Peruvian duo DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE), the compilation showcases some of the most cutting edge new talent originating from Latin America.

“Omeya” is an eerie sounding late-night club track that stutters and glitches with influences from the tribal guarachero sound of her hometown.

Bresh is an Italian rapper from the northern port city of Genova and he dropped his amazing new album “Che io ci aiuti” (basically meaning “May I Help Us”) earlier this summer, the album has been 4 years in the making during which Bresh has slowly emerged as one of the most understated rappers/lyricists in Italy.

The single track “Mai Brillo” also features Disme and Vaz Té who together with Bresh, Tedua and Izi form the crew Drilliguria that showcases that not all Italian rap is concentrated to Rome or Milan.

Hong Kong artist cehryl went to Berklee and has lived in the UK, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. Her dreamy, new single “Superbloom” is a short but sweet dance-pop track that with a subtle production perfectly emphasizes her vocals.

“Superbloom is about flowers dying, about disappointment following a naive, light-hearted love. The verses reference cartoons and colours and the innocent child-like beginnings of everything and the chorus reveals the ending. The song is about the death of an immature love.”

Malmö based label Honey Butter Records reached out with a premiere of the new “Rest/Relief” EP (drops September 18th) from Melbourne producer Cassettes For Kids who’s been kicking up a storm with his warm sounding house jams that’s been released by the likes of Feedasoul, Moment Cinetique, and Haws.

We here at Discobelle can offer up the savory remix of the B-side track “You’re Leaving But I’ll Still Love You” courtesy of Finnish producer/dj Saine. The smashing remix takes the melancholic track into clubbier and sweatier territory, on top of that Saine brings forth a wobbly sounding synth laced funkiness.

Shimmering and feel-good house vibes from Okinawa based producer Yunbo and his new track “Don’t Tell Me”.

“”Don’t Tell Me” was actually inspired by sunset vibes in surf city that Huntington Beach, California. But you know it is more sexy and energetic like mood of urban city if you listen to the song”

Russian but now residing in Milan, producer Ka Fu drops his latest single “The Hope Is Open” (taken from his upcoming album “Heretic”) via Hidden Vibes tomorrow September 11th.

The single is a mesmerizing piece of soothing electronica complete with jazzy elements for wavey vibes.

“This track is about the neverending path of finding your own home. Everyone was born somewhere and that is our physical home but still, our soul is always in search of the place to be connected with. My experience is that it’s all about my internal world and not the pictures around it. For instance, if I’m ready to open my heart to everyone I meet on my way, accepting people as they are without any fears, means that my home is open and it’s everywhere I go. I tried to compose the track as deeply as possible with big bass lines that then are overflowed with another bass elements – all to create the floating feeling of calmness and inspiration at the same time, like in my life – I’m always interested in what comes next.”