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Stockholm based rapper Yasin could be considered one of the most talked-about rappers in Sweden both due to his musical prowess and due to his criminal connections (just last year he was incarcerated on weapons charges and during early 2020 he was suspected of murder). Today he drops his new album “More To Life”, it’s 13 tracks of sinister-sounding productions and intricate wordplay courtesy of UK producer Fwdslxsh and Stockholm producer Amr Badr.

Starting the week with this anthem-like electropop track from Los Angeles artist Curtis Lowe, “Lost in You” is his sublime new single and it’s awash with spaced out synth work and it features a steadfast beat along with the celestial vocals from Finnish artist Erika Sirola.

“When the pandemic started, I committed myself to concentrating on the song until it was 100% finished . I was alone in my studio for weeks so I was quite happy to be spending so much time focusing on all the little details. The song is full of hope and optimism, so it feels good to be putting this one out now.”

Oslo artist/producer Paria drops her catchy and glittering r’n’b infused dance-pop track “C’mon”, it’s the second track to be taken from her upcoming debut album.

“”C ?mon” is really the most spontaneous song I have ever made. I wrote it while i stayed in a farm in Norway last summer, i remember walking around humming the melody that now has become the hook for this song “c’mon, c’mon, c’mon” for some reason. I figured, i could just record it on my phone, I ended up putting the recording in a project and started making a beat. After half an hour I had written the whole song. The hook and the chords gave me a really dreamy and romantic vibe and the melodies went together perfectly. I tend to write story based lyrics and often from a certain character’s point of view, but this time i just wanted to paint pretty pictures with the melodies and lyrics. C’mon puts you in the situation of someone who tries to convey their basic needs to another person, but they’re too scared to say the words out loud.”

Mysterious Australian producer BRUX recently released his “Fruits EP” via Dim Mak Records and the EP was picked up by media outlets such as DJ Mag and Billboard, etc.

Now she turns her attention to a stuttering and addictive remix of the track “Freefall” from Los Angeles based producer/dj Pat Lok, taken from Pat’s new remix EP “Gone Is Yesterday Remixes” that drops via Kitsuné Musique on October 19th (the EP also features remixes by Atlanta based house maestro Treasure Fingers, fast-rising Chinese producer Tsunano and newcomer Obli.