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Swedish artist Adam 888 drops soft-spoken and vibes filled track “Northern Flowers”.

“Northern Flowers, a musical project made with the intention to preserve, nourish and heal our lands. A change in our daily routines, behaviors & nutritional intakes are needed for our planet to survive the beautiful challenges we’re facing. The most potent medicine for transforming ourselves is spending time in nature with a solid intention. Northern Flowers will bring you into the magical forest and provide you with music for your soul and creative tips on how you can support a more loving sustainable future just by giving a bit more attention to how you take care of yourself, if we learn to balance our inner world the outer world will naturally balance it self.”

Phoenix-based artist Yusuf Salim is better known as Midxnite, his latest single “Emotionless” is a soft, hypnotic r’n’b jam.

“…it comes straight from my heart. Like many others, I went through a heavy breakup when marriage was considered to be right around the corner. This event was so important in my life that this is actually my first song I have done in the RnB genre–because I needed the sound to fit my own experiences like a glove.”

Detalji is the solo project of Krista Myllyviita, a Helsinki based artist and producer whose sound can best be described as left-field electronic pop. Earlier this year she was shortlisted for Breakthrough Artist of the Year on Finnish national radio, as well as winning a Femma Award (Finnish “indie Grammy”) for Best Electronic Act.

Her introspective new single “Forever” was released yesterday via Deep Limit and is essentially a love song written when Myllyviita’s partner was on a work trip. Left to her own devices, Krista’s imagination ran wild, imagining a scenario in which her partner would leave her for someone else.

“I wrote this song when I was missing my girlfriend when she was on a work trip. It’s about how loving someone is cruel and wonderful at the same time.”

Swedish rapper Yoel Ismo turns up the heat with his new Alfa Beats produced single “Vibbar” which deals with how dating and romance have changed with the introduction of smartphones and social media etc.