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Safe House Staff

Oct 20 2011

Stockholm outfit Safe House Staff is a collective consisting of rappers Nimo, Näääk, Marcus Price, RahBalder and Sexfemman along with dj’s Kojak and Lickshot. They just released their debut EP “Staff Only” (on Slang Musik) on which you’ll find partybangers with razorsharp flowing rhymes and tweaked bassheavy production from Marcus Price and Kristoffer Malmsten.

We at Discobelle received two exclusive remixes of the track “När Dom FrÃ¥gar Vem” for your downloading and listening pleasure. The first one is a mash up done by Marcus Price where he blends the track with the old “bushy bushy” dancehall riddim and the second one comes from skwee producer and Flogsta Danshall member Drums who also throws in some twisted dancehall flavour.

Safe House Staff – När Dom FrÃ¥gar Vem (SÃ¥s version by Marcus Price) (ge.tt)

Safe House Staff – När Dom FrÃ¥gar Vem (Drums remix) (ge.tt)