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Born in Monterrey but now residing in NYC producer/dj Delia Beatriz aka Debit has collaborated with some of the most scene defining platforms including NAAFI, MIXPAK, GHETTO GOTHIK, and shared stages with the likes of ARCA, KODE9, JUBILEE, and many others.

Her new track “Omeya” is featured on the new compilation “DISCOS EN 3 / CUARTOS” released via Kebrada (the label curated by Peruvian duo DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE), the compilation showcases some of the most cutting edge new talent originating from Latin America.

“Omeya” is an eerie sounding late-night club track that stutters and glitches with influences from the tribal guarachero sound of her hometown.

Branko’s solo debut album “ATLAS” dropped in September 2015 and has now been expanded with a new edition adding exclusive remixes of the original songs, new artwork, bonus tracks, a sample pack and much more. “ATLAS Expanded” dropped yesterday on Bittorrent Bundle.

Branko hooked up with some of his favorite producers from all across the global club music scene to rework the music from his album, including Enchufada regulars like Dotorado Pro, Rastronaut and Ckrono & Slesh, but also NAAFI’s Lao, South Africa’s Jumping Back Slash and many more who transforms the songs into new and unexpected directions all while keeping the dancefloor in check.

This remix from Belgian producer Max Le Daron of the track “out Of Sight” offers a late night tropical house sound with subdued vibes

Mexico city based producer and NAAFI/Enchufada fam member Siete Catorce has been active on the budding Mexican electronic dance music scene for a couple of years now and his hypnotic blend of futuristic bass sounds melted with more traditional South American rhythms has conquered dancefloors across the globe.

This superb and vibesfilled exclusive mix for us here at Discobelle is filled with minimal techno sounding slow jams that meets dark and off kilter guarachero rhythms laced with futuristic synths and includes a bunch of brand new untitled tracks by Siete Catorce made exclusively for this mix.

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