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Los Angeles based artist Maggie Horn drops her fantastic “What If” EP (with DC producer Nacey behind the decks), 5 tracks of bittersweet and superb dance-pop.

This is what Maggie said about the process when working on the EP:

“It’s my most important music personally as I wrangled with a lot of demons (depression, rape, isolation, self-acceptance). It feels and sounds mostly like a very celebratory, free EP to me though. Addressing these things gave them so much less power over me.”

Nacey, the producer behind the self-proclaimed “aqua wave” indie rock outfit Misun, today announced the band’s new single “After Me.” This new single sees the band taking on a more somber and downtempo sound, but they’ve lost none of the feeling. “After Me” appears on the band’s forthcoming EP “Feel Better” out May 29th.

Our good friends over at Main Course just hit 10,000 fans on Facebook and to celebrate they decided to give out their entire 2013 catalog for free for a limited time! Just like them on Facebook in order to download this massive compilation.

The zip file contains 60 tracks taken from 15 releases, dope sounds from the likes of Astronomar, Bot, Wax Motif & Neoteric, Swick, His Majesty Andre, AC Slater, Grandtheft, Smalltown DJs, Kayper, Symone, Tony Quattro, Douster, Wuki, Juyen Sebulba, Jeff Doubleu, FS Green, Nacey, Will Eastman, Sharkslayer, Wax Romeo, The Slow Waves, Stoltenhoff, 2D Noize & more!

“We wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support in 2013! Here’s our entire release catalog from the year in one handy zip file, to ensure you didn’t miss anything. We have some amazing stuff coming in 2014 that we can’t wait to share with you! Sincere thanks from the Main Course Family”

I had the good fortune of being able to call Washington, DC my home for three years. When it comes to music scenes, DC often gets overlooked as most people consider the center of the music universe to be either New York or Los Angeles. However, there’s so many things that are bubbling in this town and soon DC will be as well known for its music as it is for its politics.

There are already several DC musicians that are making waves on a national scale. Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom of Nadastrom invented the fusion genre of house music and reggaeton known as Moombahton in 2009 accidentally at a DC house party. Andrew Wallace aka Nacey has found success with friend and constant collaborator Steve Starks (Steve Bock) as Starks & Nacey, remixing Solidisco’s “Hooked On You” single in 2012. On his own, Andrew is the producer of up-and-coming “aquawave” trio Misun who played SXSW this past year and have been featured in publications across the board including FACT and RCRD LBL. And let’s not forget 2/3’s of the founding members of the famed U St Music Hall (and my second home for several years) Tittsworth and Will Eastman. But all is this is just the tip of the DC music iceberg.

At the end of last month, Sebastian Leger and Jordan Peak headlined a bill at U St Music Hall that was opened by DC music makers aLamont (Sami Yenigun and David Eklund). Recorded at the venue, aLamont has put together a set of new sounds coming out of the nation’s capital featuring DC stalwarts like Nadastrom and the Beautiful Swimmers, as well as up and comers Pat Jagla and Teaj. Also included are new cuts from DC labels Future Times and Silence in Metropolis. So whatever you heard about DC, forget it. This is the new DC and it goes very deep.

1. NO ID
2. Michael McLardy – Summer Crunch (Evren Ulusoy Remix) – Silence In Metropolis
3. NO ID
4. aLamont – Settle In
5. Raffi – Every Time
6. aLamont – Goodbye – NJ Records
7. Teaj – Crestone
8. Pat Jagla – Larenmc Industries
9. Beautiful Swimmers – Spezi
10. aLamont – Buckles (Dirty Mix)
11. P. Lopez – Shame
12. NO ID
13. Usual Things Around – Rescue
14. NO ID
15. Art Department, BLUD, Shaun Reeves feat. Damian Lazarus – Robot Heart (Jon Charnis, Prab K & Lovecraft Remix)
16. Chris Burns feat. KLM – We Get Deep (aLamont Mix)
17. Huerco S. – Cercy
18. Diplo & Laidback Luke – Hey (Nadastrom Remix)
19. NO ID
20. Pat Jagla – Stunner

Seeing as the new season of Game of Thrones premieres today, here’s a repost of the clubready bootleg from DC producer/dj Nacey of the theme song that we originally posted about a year ago.

“If there was any doubt that Nacey was putting out quality stuff at unlimited bandwidth ethernet in Japan speed, here’s an edit of the Game of Thrones theme song that you can use to suss out who the real nerds on the dancefloor are.

It almost seems like it could backfire give rise to some kind of ‘knight rave’ movement where everyone shows up the the club dressed like they’re playing Skyrim, where mead and bloody stallion hearts replace the traditional club land intoxicants. But in all seriousness, using unsheathing swords as a percussive instrument is genius. Why didn’t you think of that?”