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Andrew Ross of Toronto outfit Nacho Lovers just uploaded this amazing “Love Below” mix that was done for his new party of the same name and the mix consists of: “codeine techno + hypno house + subterranean atmosphere, music made by machines (and people) moving in slow motion”

Feel My Bicep is one of our favorite blogs, dropping knowledge with every post and always exquisite track choices. They also do a mix series entitled FMB 2:05 and the latest part comes courtesy of Toronto house maestros Nacho Lovers.

“The last few mixes we’ve done have been quite conceptual so this one was kind of a return to a jacking, dancefloor-based mix. We always strive to make something timeless when we do mixes, so its definitely not a “hot tunes of the month” type mix.”


Download: FMB 2:05: Nacho Lovers (direct link)

Tracklist located after the jump.

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Original supposed to be a vinyl only thing, Nacho Lovers have retroactively decided to share their 2008 remix for Toronto’s now defunct Thunderheist – taking it back to an 808 pad, Chicago house mixed with a bit of booty twerking ghetto house and a vocal cut smooth enough to melt butter on.

Considering this was released over three years ago, it’s a really positive sign to see how well it holds up quality wise now. Download for free from Soundcloud!

Thunderheist – Jerk It (Nacho Lovers ‘Jerk your Body’ remix) by Nacho Lovers

Canadian contingent Jacques Greene and Nacho Lovers weave some acid bassline magic together on the second release from New York based UNO label.

Saxaphones subtly pop in and out of the background behind the persistence of 808 bleeps and a vocal sample reminding you that “your life is in your hands”. Sounding like something that would play in the back room of Toronto bars in early summertime, their influences gel together in a warm-808 drenched love letter to house music.

Jacques Greene – Lay It Down (Nacho Lovers Remix) (Mediafire)

Toronto house producers Nacho Lovers win us over with their recent cosmic laden mix for fellow Toronto clothing label Handsome Clothing Company and their new “The Pangea Collection” series.

“We couldn’t imagine a more perfect pairing as they are not only from our hometown of Toronto, but they’re style and vision is similar as well. They are able to think beyond making simple hits and strive to capture a moment in time to create a shared consciousness with their legions of fans. They think of Nacho Lovers as a feeling. It’s music made for 4am speaker stacks and mid-day bedroom headphones alike, where atmosphere is everything. The end result isn’t to freak out or pump fists, but simply create a lasting connection and a sense of timelessness. It’s the low-ceiling, red-light vibe they cultivate in their own tracks, their remixes for a highly selective, diverse handful of artists (ranging from Chromeo to Alexander Robotnick to CFCF), and DJ sets that make you feel like you could be at any great club or party of the past 30 years.

With this mix they pushed these ideas even further by using a variety of songs that crossover into numerous genres with the goal of capturing the conceptual underpinnings of the story outlined by The Pangea Collection. A truly unique and inspiring mix.”

Handsome Clothing X Nacho Lovers – The Pangea Mix (direct link)

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Sep 30 2010

Bassanovva is a side project from our Canadian buddy Grahmzilla AKA Nautiluss that he started up together with NYC dj Jubilee. Their tracks are based on a couple of key ingredients such as animal (or dinosaur) sounds, lots of sub bass, and not to mention the fact that they can seriously be considered dancefloor smashers. New dance music connoisseur Sinden and his Grizzly imprint picked up on the duo, meaning that we can look forward to an EP to be released on November 1st which will feature big name remixers such as Nacho Lovers, Green Money, Hackman, Munchi and Samo Sound Boy. Here’s a sampler of the three original songs from the upcoming EP which are guaranteed to entice your ear drums.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/5123206?secret_token=s-Kg4c0″]

Track 1 – Terrordactyl
Track 2 – Chicken Lover ft Toni Tony Lee
Track 3 – Ovva ft. Alanna Stewart