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Ronika is a British artist hailing from Nottingham, she has drawn comparisons with early Madonna & Tom Tom Club (and she’s already received praise from Red Bull Music Academy to Nile Rodgers). Her debut album “Selectadiscs” is due to be released June 2.

Swedish duo Drop Out Orchestra shines with their remix of her track “Shell Shocked” that’s pleasant, shimmering disco at its finest. Looking at a busy 2014, check out their upcoming collaboration with Nancy Whang and also an upcoming original vocal track signed to Peppermint Jam.

The Juan MacLean is the latest in a long line of great artist to do a DJ Kicks mix/compilation (the CD will be released on April 27th).

The good people at !K7 Records have given us one of the tracks for the mix as an exclusive stream (and you can sign up for a download here), the track in question is the simply fantastic new The Juan MacLean track “Feel So Good”. Already getting heavy spins at WMC from the likes of Cosmo Baker & others, it’s a safe bet that this one will be destroying dance floors near you for a long time to come. Featuring vocals from Nancy Whang and a drum loop from the late Jerry Fuchs, the upbeat and sweaty dance track embodies the spirit of Juan’s mix: a love of classic house music with an eye cast towards the future.

“I really wasn’t joking in the liner notes when I said that in the six months I knew I was going to do this mix, I spent most of the time agonizing over the relevance of doing a DJ mix in 2010,” says MacLean, a cheerful neurotic who’s clearly serious about his craft. “So much about DJ-ing has changed in the last 10 years. It seems that anyone at home can make their own mix, whether they’re a proper DJ or not. Which begs the question, why bother putting them out at this point?”

“So at the end of the day I just came back to where I had started, which was basically wanting to do something that was representative of where I’m coming from in producing my own music, and also focusing on the current house music scene.”

The Deep End

Feb 27 2009


Luca Venezia AKA Drop The Lime AKA Curses! has constantly been killing it, no matter what alter ego he uses. “The Deep End” (will be released by Institubes in March) sees him churn out a disco/house rocker with the infectious vocals of NYC singstress Maggie Horn and now fellow NYC duo Holy Ghost! comes along and turns it into an epic 8 minute burner and also adding the lovely Nancy Whang (of LCD Soundsystem/Juan MacLean fame) to the mix.

Curses! – The Deep End (Holy Ghost! remix) (link via NME)

BONUS: The Holy Ghost! dub version.

Curses! – The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub) (Sendspace)