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One of our favorite producers at the moment – Nicolas Jaar – with an exclusive minimix for Italian radio show Babylon (on RAI Radio 2, on the same show we in Discobelle choose our favorite track every week) which sees him not doing a house/techno party mix but clocking in at around 15 minutes we instead get everything from a classical piano piece to Leonard Cohen in a soothing sunday listening mix.

Nicolas Jaar – Minipartymix for Babylon (direct link)

Nicolas Jaar’s progression from thrumming ambient house minimalism in his debut “The Student” EP on Wolf + Lamb to his now fully fleshed out live act (Clown and Sunset Aesthetics collective) is pretty remarkable.

Here’s more of Jaar doing what he does best – atmospheric piano moodiness with a heavy touch of trumpets added. Catch his PSA1 exhibition on February 5th, a five-hour live performance by Jaar and others.