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Chicago house legend DJ Slugo collaborates with NYC based producer Nicolas Jaar for an 8 minute long and absolutely amazing track that should be on the top spot of many year end lists.

“Dear Listener,

In light of recent events, a new track by DJ Slugo. It was produced on a cold but sunny morning by Nico in NY, and sent that very morning to Thomas Kendricks (DJ Slugo) who laid down the vocal. We hope you enjoy it.


Nico & Slugo”

Darkside is the project of dance music prodigy Nicolas Jaar and guitar maestro Dave Harrington, this is the mix that Dave Harrington did for Modular and it goes from a cover of Nick Drake to his own exclusive The Knife edit. A perfect companion to a slow friday at the office.

“…Dave Harrington is well versed in the art of orchestrating arresting soundtracks. Switching from a mournful Nick Drake cover to classical inspired house within the opening minutes, the Darkside member applies his performing musician principles to DJing with this captivating Modcast that pulls you in instantly.”

DOWNLOAD: Modcast #173: Darkside (direct link)