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Indiepop/electronica outfit Glass Animals are one of the first signings to UK producer Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone label, and their inaugural “Gooey”EP will be released on April 8th. Today, they share the first remix of the track by the always stellar Fade To Mind/Night Slugs affiliated producer Kingdom.

Check out the remix via NPR.


The weekend is about to start and we’re easing into it with guidance from London producer/dj and Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok and his recent flawless mix of bassfilled and “new skool club music” tracks done for Resident Advisor.

“The tracks in here all come from different places, and I try to bring them together and make them sound like they’re all coming from the same place. In this mix, drums rule. It doesn’t vary in tempo as much as I have at other times, so it’s really about this steady, endless momentum from the percussion. I was thinking a lot about the parameters of our Club Constructions series, which I’ll be talking about more in the coming months, but the key is to keep things stripped down. There’s also a heavy slant towards what I’ve been thinking about in my head as “new skool club music,” an idea informed by Jersey club and ballroom music and all the forthcoming Night Slugs material that’s in this mix from artists like Helix, Deamonds and Neana.”

Resident Advisor Podcast #391: Bok Bok (direct download link)