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Australian producer Lucid have taken us by storm with his insane productions, this stunning video made by Mark Brown is for the track “Closed Eye” off his brilliant Nightshifters EP “The New Reprise”.

Lucid- The New Reprise EP Mini Mix ( Nightshifters) by lucid

BONUS: Check out his mindblowing remix of the Worthy single “Lost Dog” that we in Discobelle Records released last month.

Worthy – Lost Dog (Lucid Remix) by discobelle

The self described “most discrete member of Club Cheval“, weed aficionado and general dance music miracle worker Sam Tiba has been making relentlessly unique dance music in 2011, reworking everyone from Crookers side project Dr. Gonzo to French turntablists Birdy Nam Nam and Nightshifters’ very own Lucid.

Now, we’re lucky enough to share an old track Sam Tiba remix that will never see a proper release which has been played out often by Girl Unit, Bok Bok and others. Huge grimey strings, codeine injected dreamy vocals floating around the background and what might be maracas clapping together in rapid succession create something similar to the sound of broken glass on concrete. Big and commanding without being overly noisy, it’s guaranteed to turn heads and shake spines on the dance floor.

The Living Islands – Empires (Sam Tiba Remix)

Jason Forrest’s Nightshifters label manages to be consistently quirky and deadly consistent at the same time, providing an outlet for all forms of weirdo dance music to come together under a familial rave umbrella of sorts.

In terms of quality, this release from San Juan, Puerto Rico native Magnum can hold its own to any of the other magnum opuses that the label’s put out so far. Featuring five original tracks and four remixes, its titanic size is backed up by the content.

You might call “Grooveworks” to be classified as dubstep but the beat twists and squirms away from the mind and lands squarely on the hips. “Cash” takes the rave-call to the max with massive build-ups that smashes the crowd into a pogo-frenzy. The deep bass gets under your skin and mingles with sliced Spanish vocals in “Underground” while the sharp snares of “Juracan” cut through sliding electronics and detuned shouts.

On remix duties, England’s Randomer takes Juracan on a multi-rhythmic ride with accompanying video documentation of the madness. But one of the most exciting parts about this package is the contribution from Pelican Fly + latest Nightshifters label signing Lucid. rounds out the EP with a remix of Underground that crosses some interdimensional genre rifts and ends up with a truly unique piece of modern dance music.

Grab the EP on Juno Download or iTunes.

Magnum – Grooveworks (direct link)

If this (possibly NSFW, depending on where you work) video wasn’t enough proof that Nightshifters is dedicated to doing dance music a truly weird & original fashion, then the latest release from Club Cheval footsoldier Canblaster should do the job.

After turning everything from shattering windows, laser beams and old modem sounds into percussion on his past several remixes, 22 year old Cédric Steffens brings forth the “Master Of Complication” EP, which is “a concept record about time, speed and, well, the complexity of watches.”

As genre-defying as dance music comes these days, “Clockworks”, the slowest track (132bpm), kicks it all off with a soaring melody of reverberant House stabs and ticking watch beats. One notch faster is the UK influenced jam “Triple Ring” (140bpm), a footwork inspired fistfight inducing tune called “Lost In The Shell” (160bpm) and more. Teki Tek and Para One also contribute an android-human hybrid remix worthy of unravelling time and space as we know it.

Grab the musical equivalent to the Large Hadron Collider HERE, and check out a free Canblaster track from the EP below.

Canblaster – Clockworks (direct link)

French producer/dj Canblaster along with his cohorts in the Club Cheval crew will most likely be the producers to watch out for in 2011, here’s a massive mix that Canblaster just did for XLR8R.

“2010 was a good year for French producer Canblaster (a.k.a. Cédric Steffens), as the Club Cheval resident and former Bubblin’ subject debuted with the Jetpack EP and also dropped a string of hyperactive, genre-hopping remixes for the likes of Spoek Mathambo, Drop the Lime, J-Wow, Teki Latex, and others. Many of those efforts appear on this exclusive mix he’s put together for the XLR8R podcast series, an absolutely stacked DJ session that somehow squeezes in more than 50 tracks, the majority of which are unreleased. It’s the first salvo in what promises to be a frantic 2011 for Canblaster, who next month will be releasing his second EP, Master of Complication, on the Nightshifters label. Whether he’s experiencing sonic ADD or simply allowing his youthful exuberance to run wild, Canblaster’s DJ stylings appear to be just as schizophrenic as his production work, as his podcast bounces between hip-hop, R&B, house, rave, juke, electro, tribal guarachero, and more. Considering that the guy used to compose video game music for a living and cites Basement Jaxx as a major influence, it’s not exactly surprising that fun is always a major component of his musical equation.”

Canblaster – XLR8R Podcast, January 25th 2011 (link to XLR8R post)

Big tracklist after the jump.

PS. Watch out for his upcoming EP on Nightshifters.

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French producer Sacha Di Manolo gives us his new single “Cannibal”, which just came out on Parisian label Ekleroshock Records and here’s the fine sounding infectious remix from Club Cheval member Panteros666 who gives us a synthtastic tribal house output. It’s no wonder his releases are hyped by the likes of Sound Pellegrino, Nightshifters et al.

Sacha Di Manolo – Cannibal (Panteros666 remix) (Quickyshare)