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Toronto based tag team RYME (Rynecologist & Meech) have been friends for years but recently started producing together and almost immediately released their successful debut EP “Bak Den” on Boys Noize Records.

The powerful duo put together a booming mix for the Discobelle mix series, with it they bring their talent and some of their street swag and compresses that into 90 minutes of dirty, jacked up techno that will melt those tiny computer speakers of yours.

As an added bonus, be sure to check out their spectacular Nina Simone bootleg.

Anonymity can be great sometimes. Sure, it occasionally prompts a quest for unearthing the more-often-than-not well known producer behind the productions (cough Sicko Cell), but for the most part it’s a great vehicle for delivering content that’s unattached to expectations. Such is one of the reasons that the white label only “Shimmy Sham Sham” series has held my attention for its last four releases. Powerful edits of everyone from Grace Jones to the Temptations to Al Green, delivered without ego or excessive liner notes.

This time around delivers a re-edit of Arthur Russell’s “In The Light Of The Miracle” which unleashes a slightly heightened version of the original’s strength – sheer ecstastic balearic dance pop bliss.

Letting the guitar riff come to the forefront of the track while cowbells swirl around in the background like constellations, it’s a classic that evokes some of Russell’s most pop friendly productions. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine yourself stuffed into a sleeping bag in the Rocky Mountains watching the aurora borealis swirl around the sky.

Pulsating bongos are definitely a component of what makes the b-side’s edit of Nina Simone’s “Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter” a powerful track to play out, but really Nina’s voice is the star here.

Smartly, the track doesn’t try to mess with the sass crammed vocal sample, and it actually cuts almost all other noise out halfway through so that it sounds like she could very well be whispering “you think you’re slick but you could stand a lot of greasing / the things you do ain’t never really pleasin'” right into your ear.

Slightly after that, things get kinda crazy as what sounds like a college drumline appeared out of a cloud of mist and started going ham in the middle of a nightclub.

Stream both of them below and grab it on Phonica ASAP!

Shimmy Sham Sham 004- Side A

Shimmy Sham Sham 004 – Side B

20 year old NYC producer and Wolf + Lamb signing Nicolas Jaar just released an EP of smooth and sexy house edits of pop tracks. The “6 Edits EP” was released in conjunction with Resident Advisor and on it Mr Jaar takes on among others Nina Simone, Grateful Dead and New Order etc. and you better believe that this is seriously great stuff.

Nicolas Jaar – 6 Edits EP (zip file, direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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