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All hail MVSEVM! The next release from MVSEVM comes armed to the teeth with transcendent big room vibes.

Take the astoundingly punchy “Expectations”, which sets things off to an immediate sizzle. Bleeding out with infectious vocals from a world famous singer, it’s always teetering on the edge of overheating and causing a dub-techno-meets-throbbing-indie-house-anthem meltdown of sorts. Everything careens towards the four minute mark, at which point the gloves come off and things degenerate into what sounds like a futuristic karaoke party taking place with mutated dolphins at the edge of the Pacific Ocean at the beginning of armageddon, the sky coloured a streaky cotton candy pink and blue.

“Pori Jazz” comes out the gate with a sizzling electricity simmering in the some deeply satisfying bassy horns and a trifecta of drums fluctuating over a baseline that’s sure to cause a few goosebumps on a decent sound system. It’s a slice of house maximalism served up perfectly – recommended highly for fans of early Zombie Disco Squad, Round Table Knights, or any kind of stuff that immediately makes you start stomping and clapping uncontrollably on first listen.

If Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting dropped peyote and went on a three day spirit quest, it’s very likely that he’d hear something like “Calligraphy” at the peak of his hallucination. A true big room anthem that’s simultaneously focused and wild, careening towards a blindingly bright climax, all rainbows, synth stabs, hands raised in the air, like some mp3 based new age religion based around the concept of ‘good vibe synthesis’. The dub version is optional for those who care more about dancing than drawing techniques.

Finally, Obi Blanche pumps some extra muscle onto “Calligraphy’s” already booming breakdown, something reminiscent of the twerky innovation in Renaissance Man’s “Spraycan” except with a gymnasium full of chopped accordians instead of an airhorn. Pushing the original into slightly weirder, darker grounds; it’s dance music to make your eyes roll into the back of your head.

MVSEVM has already garnered big support for their releases from Brodinski, Sinden, Fatboy Slim, Laidback Luke, Fake Blood, Crookers, Riva Starr, Feadz and way more!

Grab the dub version for free via Soundcloud below and then buy the whole EP from Amazon, Beatport, Boomkat, iTunes or Juno.

MVSEVM was the first artist that we released on Discobelle Records and they are still going strong producing some wonderful music. Here is their latest remix of the Uusi Fantasia’s track “Barefoot Not Naked”. Enjoy it and look out for a updated version of their latest release coming with a new remix from Obi Blanche.


Les Gillettes

Oct 27 2009


The Finns over at New Judas are at it again with the release of “Pompeii” which happens to be the debut EP from now London based producer Les Gillettes. It’s already getting support from the likes of Erol Alkan, A-Trak and Kissy Sell Out. The EP features two original tracks and two remixes from Obi Blanche and Mikix The Cat. On the track “Pompeii”, she cooks up a hornbased playful clubtrack that will have you partying in no time

Les Gillettes – Pompeii (YSI)

Les Gillettes – Pompeii (zShare)

New Judas

Sep 24 2008

Our friends at New Judas sent over two tracks from their new releases. So if you are a fan of the label then you got a little Christmas coming up on Friday when their three new releases are coming out.

First out is a split 12″ from Pets On Prozac and Obi Blanche and then there is one digital release from each of them.

Pets On Prozac – Ruff Ruffin/Obi Blanche – Rag Tag Vagabonds, JUDAS004 Split 12″
Obi Blanche – Ragtag Vagabonds, JUDS005 Digital EP
Pets On Prozac – Ruff Ruffin, JUDAS006 Digital EP

Pets On Prozac – Aso Bosa (direct link)

Obi Blanche – Jesus (Downtown remix) (direct link)

We got a new mix from New Judas in our dropbox. Obi Blanche, who made this mix for New Judas, will release his debut EP on the label at the end of August. So, check out this mix and watch out for his EP.

Download New Judas Mixtape August 08 (zShare)

1. Intro – ODB
2. ? – Renaissance Man
3. Swamp Thang – Justin Martin & Sammy D
4. Tattoo Two – Ink And Needle
5. Roar – Patrice Baumel
6. Buff Nuff – Roots Manuva
7. Rip it Up – DJ Madskillz
8. The Whistler (Jesse Rose rmx) – Claude Vonstroke
9. unreleased – Obi Blanche
10. Secousse – Radioclit
11. Lost To Cocaine (Sander Van Doorn) – Sia
12. Sensei – Franky Rizardo & Daniel Beasley
13. Rise (Popof) – Rhythm Code
14. La Conga – Riva Starr
15. ? – Renaissance Man
16. It’s OK Now (Funk of Fury rmx / ObiB Edit) – Sofi Hellborg