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Zurich based house duo, Fat Sushi grace us with the latest installment of our exclusive mix series. We’ve featured the Swiss lads on DB a number of times from their exceptional outings on labels like Suara or OFF Recordings to their highly sought after bootlegs, here, we’re stoked to have some tasty beats we can call our own.

Strap in for an hour long journey of Fat Sushi’s trademark sounds, chalk full of chunky beats, heady synths and tunes from the likes of Booka Shade, Denny, Juli Holz and of course, the Fat Sushi boys themselves!

BUY their latest release, the “Warehouse EP” HERE.


01. Karin Park & Pandora Drive – Hurricane (Booka Shade Remix) / State Of The Eye
02. Fat Sushi – Escape / Stil vor Talent
03. Emanuel Satie – Private Show / Get Physical
04. Fat Sushi – Warehouse / Suara
05. Denney – Low Frequency / Hot Creations
06. Fat Sushi – The Groove / Suara
07. Clif Jack – Used To Do / Circus Rec.
08. Juli Holz – Drive / Stil vor Talent
09. Stephan Bodzin – Singularity (FS Edit)
10. Rampue – Sephiroth / URSL


Berlin/Hamburg duo Kruse & Nuernberg (Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg) have been honing their craft within the German house music scene since the mid-90’s, growing more influential and now they’re a worldwide name. They’ve racked up releases on prominent labels such as Exploited, Noir Music, OFF Recordings, Liebe*Detail, Stil Vor Talent. Their much-awaited upcoming EP “Lost n Free” will be released on OFF Recordings in February 2015.

This exclusive mix for us here at Discobelle is a testament to their superb flow and style and to the heartfelt sound of some excellent house music.

Discobelle Mix 061: Kruse & Nuernberg by Discobelle on Mixcloud


This free gem landed in my inbox today… First came across Swiss house duo, Fat Sushi when their debut release for OFF Spin Recordings dropped a few weeks back. Heavy beats and bass lines is what I’ve come to expect from these raw dudes, and thats what we’ve got on this fresh cut that pays homage to the classic 80’s joint from Strafe.

Set if off, ya’ll!


Upcoming pressure from hotly tipped, UK duo, Leftwing & Kody, on everyone’s favorite label, OFF Recordings. With a 2014 release date, the masses are just gonna have to make due with these snippets to satiate their ravenous appetites for all things deep and garage influenced.

The “I Know EP” is a double A-side with the title track featuring all the hallmarks that have brought this pair of producers out of obscurity and into the ear-holes of many. A forlorn, love-sick vocal dances upon a rolling bass-line before falling, head-first, into a shimmering, extended breakdown that Leftwing & Kody craft so well. “It Was Our” is another roller with it’s modern Reese-bass and arpeggiated synth lines.

Available 01/13/2014.


I caught up with the furious, Dresden-based production team, Purple Disco Machine to ask them a few questions and get the scoop on their past, present and future. Peep their Soundcloud.

RG: First, please introduce your selves and describe how you met?

PDM: Hello, we are Purple Disco Machine from Dresden, Germany. Tino, 33 years and Matthias, 33 years old and we are in love with music. We’ve been friends for a few years and in 2009 we decided to make music, but only the stuff we really like. This was when Purple Disco Machine was born. At that time, we started with making tunes more in the Nu Disco style, but our sound has evolved to incorporate 90’s flavors and deep house sound. We’ll never forget the best decade in music though, the 80’s.. ;)

RG: Do you have a consistent process you follow when producing?

PDM: We try to catch the flavour from the last 3 decades of dance music. You can hear different samples from more or less well known classic tracks in our productions, this is all part of the Purple Disco Machine sound. We draw inspiration from our diverse tastes in music to collect ideas and compose them together into a fresh track. We also play in all the drums and synth parts ourselves.

RG: Do you each play specific roles in the studio or is it just a matter of who caught the inspiration while sitting in the drivers seat?

PDM: Tino is the creative head of our productions. He is the one, sitting in the studio with his analog synths having slam sessions and is the main contact for all issues. Matthias is responsible for Facebook and marketing stuff.

RG: Do you use any sort of live, recorded instrumentation in your productions?

PDM: Our main production tool is Steinberg’s Cubase for the arrangement. We also use a lot virtual synths as well as some original hardware stuff like a Juno 106, Roland 303 and different drum machines from the 90´s. In the future we want to use more hardware and record found sounds. 

RG: How did you get involved with OFF Recordings and what has it been like working with them?

PDM: Our friend, David Jach, gave us Andre from OFF Recordings contact and he saw a lot of potential in our songs. One thing led to another and we signed “My House,” which was released in June of this year. Since our current release, “Move Or Not” we’ve signed exclusively with OFF and are officially apart of the family. More releases coming soon.. stay tuned..

RG: Tell us about your name, are you of any relation to a “One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater”

PDM: Tino, was watching a random 80’s movie .. something with machines, we can’t really remember. But the 80´s are purple in our mind and disco is in every cell of our bodies so, “Purple Disco Machine” was born!

RG: What’s your favorite tune at the moment?

PDM: Foals – Late Night (Solomun remix) We are big fans of Solomun´s productions, he always shows us that he’s the boss.

RG: If you could write the score/soundtrack to any film, which film would you choose?

PDM:  We are both film freaks and its hard to find the perfect combination of film and music. We especially love films from the early 90s and we would probably choose one of Quentin Tarantino´s classics.

RG: You currently have two tracks on the Beatport Top 10 Deep House chart and three on the Beatport Top 100… how does it feel to have that support from the community and what results have you seen from those rankings?

PDM: We are more than surprised how fast everything is going and how successful we are with our music. We’ve both been involved with various musical projects for years, but this is like winning the lottery!

RG: What’s next for PDM?

PDM: We recently did several remixes for labels like Exploited and a few others. We’re also working on our next OFF Recordings release.