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Paris based outfit Discodeine are releasing their second album on November 30th, and to celebrate we have the exclusive premiere of the Para One remix of their lead single “Aydin” (featuring vocals from Kevin Parker of Tame Impala).

The original version strikes a chord with a floating, almost psychpop sounding influence while the remix from Para One is hypnotizing dance music that keeps the original vocals but adds a steadfast and mystical Eastern beat.


Last year Parisian dj/producer Boston Bun gave us his excellent “Lean House Mixtape” and now we can exclusively give you the follow up with volume 2 of his remarkable screwed and sometimes chopped up robotussin infused house classics etc. that pulsates at 108 bpm.

The Boston Bun “Lean House Mixtape Vol.2″ is filled to the brim with superbly addictive slow motion sounding house edits from an incredible lineup of some of the hottest names in dance music such as Brodinski, LOL Boys, Para One, Maelstrom, (thee) Mike B, Samo Sound Boy, DJ Slow etc.

“Do we really need to explain why we scew and chop our favorite house tracks? This is a dedication to H-Town, from Paris with love, RIP DJ SCREW. HOUSIZZURP, SLOW MO ON THE DANCEFLOOR”

LEAN HOUSE MIXTAPE vol.2 by Boston Bun

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Apparently LA producer (thee) Mike B, French maestro of club music Teki Latex and French multiproductive mastermind Guillaume Berg bonded over a dinner in Paris consisting of escargots and decided to form The Escargot Brothers.

Here’s a booming mix of bassy goodness they made exclusively for Dazed Digital. The mix – according to the trio – is: “Next level shit from France, Paris Bass guide for beginners, L’ami Louis de la musique” with tracks from Sam Tiba, Canblaster, French Fries, Bobmo, Strip Steve, Para One, Das Glow and Brodinski etc.

The Escargot Brothers Vol.1 (Megaupload)