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Pelican Fly’s Superspeed EP that got Canblaster and Lido collaborating together was a musical match made in heaven. Both artists know how to dramatically emphasize their emotions, and in a sea of producers flooding the internet, they’ve shown that originality and conjuring up something special besides just a couple of pretty noises is essential to stand up and rise beyond the internet hype.

Canblaster has just dropped some cuts and alternative takes from the two guys time in the studio, and while this stuff never got a proper release, we’re super glad to be hearing the work now.

Check out the 23 minutes of goodness below; it’s a free download, so what do you have to lose?


Nadus – Nxwxrk

May 27 2014

Fresh one from his new, ‘Broke City EP’ and out now via the unstoppable force that is, Pelican Fly. Nadus comes correct with the oddly titled, ‘Nxwxrk’ which is all sublime and melodic until this epic drop plunges us in to a barrage of 808’s and frenzied chord stabs… not for the faint of heart.

Buy it HERE.