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Jonas Rathsman has released the music video for his newest single “Feel What I Feel” just in time for the first French Express North American tour. The lineup is filled with FE favorites like Moon Boots, Perseus, and Isaac Tichauer, and will kick off tomorrow at a very special Boiler Room LA. Check out the upcoming dates below, you won’t want to miss this one.

Perseus has returned to follow up their fantastic remix of Grum’s “Through the Night” that got a lot of chart love last year. As Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to mankind, Perseus bestows their latest “Seychelles” to us as a free download. The electro disco production duo captures the best of 90s R&B by sampling Toni Braxton’s vocals and kicks things up a notch by overlaying them with a lush tropical disco beat. The track has recently been featured in The Magician’s latest Magic Tape #20, but you can listen to it in its singular glory below.


Feb 8 2012

“This is the tale of young Perseus. Just a few moons ago, Perseus opened The Magician’s Magic Tape 12 with his retouch of “New Life.” After noticing the people’s desire for 112bpm tropical flavors, The Magician descended upon the lands of Mycenae and challenged Perseus to undertake a quest only fit for demigods. The Kraken? Medusa? No — that’s ancient history. The undertaking was fairly simple: if Perseus could craft 3 magical originals, he would share them with the masses. And so it happened, Magic Tape 15 was met with “Russian Girlfriends,” followed by “Cool Runnings” in tape 17, and finally “Running Back To You” in tape 18. The people prayed, day after day, asking for Perseus to unlock his music and share it with them. And so it was, through the help of his “fly” stallion, Pegasus (or in alternative universes, “The French Express”), they heroically unchained the EP, for the masses to fully consume & enjoy. All which remains from the great epic is the highly-coveted, highly-demanded 3-track EP, in heavenly 320kbit quality. It is yours, for keeps…”

DOWNLOAD: Perseus – Russian Girlfriends EP (zip file, direct link)

BONUS: A sublime and fun mix made for Dazed Digital.