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Mio is the moniker of Mia Kemppainen from Finnish electronic pop/dance outfit LCMDF and she just recently released her debut track “Find It”, fellow Finnish producer Perttu is based out of Berlin and he made a remix that we can premiere as a free download right here on Discobelle.

The positive sounding remix is filled with a pulsating beat and sweeping and bubbly synths that feed off Mia’s vocals to make it into a surefire hit.

“Mio is a melancholy figure who can not seem to find her place in the world. Called by mystical melodies, she balances the line between dream and reality, determined to find her true origin.”

The latest single from Finnish sister duo and enigmatic pop outfit LCMDF is a shimmering pop gem called “Procrastination 365” (production work courtesy of Mikko Pyk√§ri who is perhaps better known from his work with Finnish electropop cultband Regina and Shine2009).

The track has now been remixed by fellow Finnish but based in Berlin newcomer Perttu who bangs out a subdued take that “blows a nice gentle breeze into the listeners ears”.