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Like…why you so obsessed with me? Yeah ok this isn’t a tribute post to Mariah Carey (though maybe we should explore that at a later date) but my favorite Swiss duo Pharao Black Magic have a brand new original track called “Obsession.” After Hermes, this is Nicolas and Konrad’s second collaboration with vocalist Ghostape. Get it now. Free forever.

Switzerland’s Pharao Black Magic has been slowly but surely coming up and calls music taste makers and record label Future Classic friends. The duo released their single “Hermes” featuring Ghostape last year on the Australian label.

This year sees PBM kick things up a notch with an official remix for indie electropop newcomers Olympic Ayres and a remix for Danish producer Brynjolfur (scroll down to the bottom of this post). Today we’re super excited to feature PBM in our Discobelle Mix Series and as an extra treat we’re giving the mix away as a free download. So go on, take it for a spin and add it to your summer playlist.

01. Mermaids – Run With The Night
02. Gredits – Doin’ It Deep
03. Mathy K. & The Funky Punch – Unmodern Talking
04. The Black Madonna – We Still Believe
05. Terrence Pearce – Halcyon
06. Max Essa – Dovodah! (Doug Lee Remix)
07. Paulie – Spread Love
08. Xinobi – Puma
09. Chymera – Disc
10. Sisterhood – Call Me Ishmael
11. Fold – Slime (Ethyl Remix)
12. Downtown Party Network – Owls Don’t Cry

Last week Arnaud Rebotini’s Black Strobe released their funky disco single “The Girl From The Bayou.” The track now boasts a robust remix package from the likes of Pharao Black Magic, Brioski, Crackboy, Heim, Rambla Boys and Holmes Price.

Our favorite is the remix by our Swiss buddies Pharao Black Magic. Throughout the seven minute track, PBM adds new and pleasantly surprising layers of synths, guitar, and piano that will keep you grooving all the way until the end.

Earlier this year we brought you a Discobelle exclusive mix from Swiss group Pharao Black Magic. We initially fell in love with them after hearing their remix of Shindu’s “All In My Fridge,” and the guys swiftly responded with an excellent and summery disco single “Hermes.” Now PBM has put together a nice winter mix to keep you warm on those oh so chilly nights. Take a listen and peep the tracklist below.

01 Jam Crew – Exotic Nations
02 Arcardis – Lost Days
03 The Other Tribe – Sing With Your Feet (Dub Mix)
04 Fenech-Soler – All I Know (Waifs & Strays Long Version)
05 Ian Pooley – Compurhythm (Dixon 4 4 Treatment)
06 OOFT! – LGB
07 CamelPhat – Right Now
08 Kolombo – Get So Hot
09 Waze & Odyssey – Love That (Burns Hot Enough)
10 Kyodai – Shakin (The Revenge Remix)
11 Benoit & Sergio – New Ships
12 The African Dream – Make A Living

Take one of our favorite up and coming production duos Pharao Black Magic and some summertime inspiration and you get this 12 track summer mix. In this Discobelle exclusive, Nicolas Probst of PBM uses a couple of newer and a couple of older tracks that reflects the warm, cozy and mysterious tunes he’s currently digging. Take a listen and read on for the full track list.


01 // Sunner Soul – Peaceful Melody
02 // Chopstick & Johnjon – Listen
03 // Andre Crom – Hypnotizing (Homework NYC 82 Remix)
04 // Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe – Seventh
05 // Monte – True
06 // Beaten Space Probe – Boogie Prancing
07 // Social Disco Club – Disco Sucks! (Again)
08 // Sunseet – Downtown
09 // Paolo Rocco – Move Body, Move Forward (Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho Body Moving Remix)
10 // Oscar – Sun On Acid
11 // Starlings – Dark Arts (Burnt Island Casuals Dub
12 // Paradis – Hemisphere

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but that doesn’t diminish the disco groove worthiness of this track. Swiss duo Pharao Black Magic first caught our attention with their remix of Shindu’s “All In My Fridge” a few months back and now they’re back with their first original called “Hermes.” The track features the vocals of fellow Swiss artist Ghostape and will be on the new Kitsuné Soleil compilation as well as an EP on Future Classic.