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Toronto house producer Poupon has relocated to Amsterdam where he continues to hone his craft as a producer/dj, his upcoming “Fall Back EP” on hot British label Love & Other makes sure to put him at the forefront of top producers coming out of North America. The title track is sprinkled with beautiful, soulful vocals courtesy of Sam Moffatt that clutches a rolling bass and a clean synth line, we’re sensing a dancefloor wonder with this one.

After their releases on Discobelle Records, Snatch and Made To Play – Discobelle family members in Montreal duo Prince Club pay a visit to the kingdom of Denmark for their third release in year with their new “Utopia/Olivia” EP. The EP is released by our brothers across the bridge in Copenhagen based label Demento Mori.

This solid EP is packed full of bouncey house and it boasts remixes from Copenhagen locals MHM One & Dan M, accompanied by French new player Coni, Irish mad man Lorcan Mak and Hungarian powerhouse Slap In The Bass. Support from Oliver $, Brodinski, Sound Pellegrino, Round Table Knights, Bambounou, Mad Decent, Ardalan, MunniBrotherz, LOL Boys, Wildlife!, MikiX The Cat, Sinden, Poupon, Douster, Neoteric, Meati & Meech, Andy George, Act Yo Age, Playmode, Anna Lunoe etc.

Prince Club – Utopia / Olivia EP by Demento Mori

BONUS: The boys did a smashing mix in order to promote the release.

Prince Club Demento Mori Mix Nov ‘011 by Prince Club

Hot on the heels of “Turned On Volume 1”, the compilation arranged and curated by Neoteric that brought behemoth club talents Crookers, Brodinski, Radioclit, Nadastrom, Mikix The Cat, Schlachthofbronx, and Savage Skulls amongst others together on one titanic club compilation that was responsible for lots of spilled champagne, bad ideas, and full body jacking that leaves you waking up with bruises the morning after. Now we’re at it again with another compilation letting six new dancefloor behemoths loose onto the general public. This time Neoteric’s narrowed down the selection to pick out six tracks from up-and-comers around the world that will make you move in ways you didn’t know physics would allow.

Bird Peterson‘s “Space Wizards (Of Moon Zero)” sounds like a rave on New Year’s Eve 1999 at the second in a parallel universe where the Y2K virus was real and computers suddenly gained sentience and unleashed an Armageddon with enough syncopated percussion to make your eyeballs roll into the back of your head. There’s a subtlety to the rising and falling percussion blasts that becomes more appreciated on repeat listens, but it’s mostly the kind of track that will have the club stomping enough to trick people outside into thinking that there’s square dancing going on inside.

Poupon follows his fly remix of Meati & Meech’s “Bock” with a remix of “Space Wizards” that goes for a long, rising arc instead of a series of frantic buildups and releases. It’s a bubbling choir of pitch shifted grunts and mutters, while the beat climbs to Mount Fuji-esque heights and then proceeds to fling itself off the edge without any thought of a parachute. Think 6am, mixing bottles of Nyquil with vodka in a parking lot outside the club, and a hands-in-the-air club jam that oscillates between spacy vocals and brisk, no nonsense meaty percussion.

California based Mom & Dad weave some vocal house magic in “This Joint”, which swaggers comfortably around the excellent employment of its sample into a whooping hollering summer beach party jam of undeniably catchy magnitude, darting into the shadows at times but never straying too far from its hip-house roots.

If “This Joint” were a person, then Panton & Cyron B would’ve layed it under an operating table, jacked it up on black market morphine, and performed some cybernetic plastic surgery on it, morphing it into a underground deep tech-house assassin that bears only the slightest resemblence to the original product. Clashing drums and brooding percolating blips do their thing overtop a vocal sample that could’ve been recorded in the bowels of the seventh layer of hell. Deconstructing the vibrant party vibe of the original turns this one into something darker, but nonetheless just as likely to make you reach on the dancefloor.

Astronomar‘s contribution to Turned On Volume 2 takes the cake in terms of the track most likely to make you drop whatever you’re doing and go “what am I listening to?” The sound of an MS-DOS program committing suicide or a coffee pot exploding on the kitchen stove are two descriptors that try to describe it, but probably the closest I can come is to say that it’s an utterly unique piece of infectious hiccuping house music, employing a vocal sample that sounds like it’s taken from a schoolyard chant or ancient curse that will stay locked in the inner regions of your eardrums for months to come.

Hijack‘s jacking bouncy electro shuffle funk feels well suited to remixing this gem, and he drizzles a healthy layer of Chicago style house syrup on this one. Chunky drums, spliced vocals, and an effect that sounds like it’s adding an electric saw to the mixdown all round out this crystallized beat.

Get the EP at Beatport

Neoteric is a Berlin based, by way of Vancouver, DJ and producer that’s been known to unearth only the best in new talent. A long time subject on the Discobelle site, via his tracks, mixes, and the infamous “Mystery Mix” projects, it was only natural to extend this reach to Discobelle Records and find a proper home for these great tracks. For more on his efforts, head over to www.djneoteric.com.

Listen to a promo mix for the compilation from Mom & Dad, Neoteric, Astronmar & Bird Peterson.


And as a bonus we are giving away “This Joint”:

Mom & Dad – This Joint (direct link)

In the dim Toronto nightclubs nestled between roti shops and back alleys full of stolen road bikes, there’s a new sound brewing. One of the frontrunners of that Canadian techno contingent is made up of Toronto duo Meati & Meech (Todd Douglas Schlattman and Michel Fournier), whose Discobelle Records debut track “Favela” received overwhelming reviews and popularity as it topped the best selling charts; #1 in the Funky/ Club House & #2 in overall sales. It was second only to Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand’, but with less Boney M sampling and more baile funk, bubbling percussion and menacing fog machine hisses.

Their new “Bock” EP is an expansion of their developing signature sound – six tracks that employ rattling percussion and spliced tropical samples to devastating effect with remixes from Panton, Poupon, Deebs and Sunnybeach happyslap Mardigras.

The title track is reminiscent of a marching band lost in hell, trumpet players stumbling forward and fighting their way through a haze of fog while batons twirl in the air. Under all that filtered shuffling there’s a big buildup to a moment of dancefloor euphoria halfway through that’s not to be missed.

Meati & Meech’s second original track on the EP is “Choctaw”, which could be the sound of someone sawing off their leg in the rain forest after a helicopter crash, while echoing 808 pings sounding off in the wilderness. Meati & Meech even manage to pump in some pan flute amongst the percussive ruins of the track, and it sounds like the most logical and natural thing in the world.

Art work by Julia Szulc and mastering by Tommi Langen.

Support us and the artists by getting the EP on Beatport.

Meati & Meech – Bock EP [DISCOBELLE] by Meati & Meech

BONUS TRACK: Meati & Meech – Favela (direct link)

elctroTO released their new charity EP today, go buy it. it’s for a good cause and has some great tracks on it:

“Today, Friday December 3rd, marks a very important day here at electroTO. We are unveiling our second annual Producing For Presents charity EP, a yearly holiday initiative which enlists our most beloved local DJs to produce tracks and sell them in an attempt to raise money for a charitable cause. Indeed, like last year, all proceeds will be donated to the Heart House Hospice, a local charity which will ultimately use the donations to purchase Christmas presents for children in less fortunate circumstances. Once again, Wrongbar has been kind enough to open its doors to us and host an EP release party on December 18th, featuring all of our closest DJ comrades.

As you will see, the EP is a giant leap from last year’s edition, with nine original compositions, all at the pinnacle of their respective genres. The entire collection can be purchased for $10 via PayPal on our Bandcamp page, which we’ve linked below. These producers have worked tirelessly to put forth these tracks out of the goodness of their heart, and your purchasing them will only solidify these efforts. Certainly, the holiday season is a time to rejoice with friends and family, but we must also be conscious of those who literally cannot afford that luxury. Thanks for your support. Peace & Love, eTO familia.”