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Toolroom Records saves our summer with their brand new “Poolside Ibiza 2015″ compilation that will be released on July 31st.

The party season on the island is in full swing and the pool parties kicking off across Ibiza, “Poolside Ibiza” consists of a brilliant collection of warming, summer anthems; the perfect soundtrack to those long, hazy days spent by the pool. This year’s edition has been beautifully constructed by two of the biggest DJs in the field; Autograf & Kolombo and we here at Discobelle can premiere one of the tracks from the compilation.

Portuguese producer D-Compost and Greece producer Saccao heads up a quirky, driven house track that contains darker elements with songstress Cari Golden providing spellbinding vocals and is best suited for after the sunset when you have the whole night ahead of you.


The first album release on Italian label Lucky Beard Records comes from Florence based producer Digi, the fantastic album is entitled “Life After Shave” and fully embodies the boundless creativity of Digi with a sound ranging from P-Funk to footwork through jazz and experimental electronica in order to a unique and distinctive universe. The whole album is available for free so just go ahead.

KITT097 Karma Supra Artwork

Duo Hanne & Lore have been integral in Germany’s house scene for many years now and they’re next in line to grace the Kittball Records imprint with their new single “Karma Supra” that will drop on July 27th (also features a remix from label founders Tube & Berger).

On “Karma Supra” they combine funked up guitar licks with a groovy bassfilled beat and gentle vocals in a track that’s seems predestined for summer plays.


Fresh on the heels of last summer’s hit, “Save Us,” Swedish producers Per QX and Zoo Brazil have come together for “Give It Up,” out this week on Noir Music. Clocking in at 119 bpm, the track is a slow burning deep house hit. Featuring dark, moody chords, an 808 rimshot, and bittersweet lyrics about a love that just can’t quit, “Give It Up” conjures up the smoky dance floors of late 80s/early 90s classic house. Of course, the real hook is the soulful vocals almost sinisterly singing, “Never gonna give you up… though I try. I find it hard to lie. Yes I do.” As the track slowly builds, the tension increases giving the vocals a hint of desperation that fades back into the smoke of the outro.

The release also includes two remixes from the legendary Kevin Saunderson and his son Dantiez, one 90’s inspired mix and a more contemporary tech house one, and two remixes from Spanish techno duo Pig & Dan, including an instrumental rub. You can buy the track and its remixes here.


London/Los Angeles based producer/dj maestro Doorly is about to unleash his new “Thang” EP on July 6th via the fine folks over at Toolroom Records and we here at Discobelle can premiere the absolutely massive title track.

“Thang” contains a highly addictive and soulful disco sample that’s presented with an uplifting, teched out groove that basically has summer scorcher written all over it.


The latest Trunkfunk release comes from label honcho NIBC who teams up with fellow Gothenburg producer SAAG for “Sleepless in Zimbabwe” which will drop Monday June 29th with the releaseparty being held tonight at Yaki-Da in Gothenburg.

Starting things off is the gorgeous and colourful sounding title track, which is all about bright synths and handclaps all encapsulated in a feeling of pure warmth and sunshine which combined makes sure to put a bounce in your step. Remixes on the EP comes from British producer Man Power (of Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label) who doles out more melodic and atmospheric version of the original. The duo known as Casino Times strays away from the original with their steady remix of crunched up synths.

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New single “I’ll Be Gone” (taken from the album “”Trouble Will Snowball”) from Swedish folk/pop outfit Winhill/Losehill drops tomorrow June 17th. A remix package is included that features a remix from amazing Swedish duo Gidge and this remix that we can premiere today from producer Nisj (AKA Nils Svennem Lundberg, who has previously produced for the likes of Silvana Imam, Adam Tensta etc.).

He turns the folk pop of the original version into a bassfilled, dreamlike and surreal sounding slow motion track with pitched down vocals alongside angelic voices.