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Today we’re excited to team up with Wear Patterns, and LA-based trio that blends smooth LA influences into infectious dance bpms to create a track that’s addicting and getting us ready to head into the weekend. The trio, consisting of Dj Francesca Harding & The Beat Ventriloquists, are childhood friends that are gearing up for West Coast domination with their pop-influenced songs.

On the song they have said-

“We’re excited about this project, which allows us to create something fun and unique and to express ourselves through the music, without boundaries. Tease, the debut single from our upcoming EP, is the perfect representation of exactly that.”

Check out the track below!

Pre-order the track via iTunes.

Francesca Harding:

Beat Ventriloquists:

Nick & Navi:


17 seconds into this song and I’m absolutely hooked. LA-based producer Shoffy was kind enough to offer us the premiere for “Home” and it was impossible to say no to this heartstring tugging gem.

A financial analyst by day and an eclectic soul music maestro by night, Shoffy is an artist that clearly writes and produces music with great soul and substance. “Home” is the lead single off his forthcoming seven-track EP, somewhere between nostalgia and paradise,” which will deservedly put the entirety of this triple-threat artist’s (producer/vocalist/instrumentalist) talents on display. Stay tuned for more from this guy as he continues to develop his electronically based Pop/R&B sound.


DÖDEN (means “death” in Swedish) hails from Malmö and is not a newcomer to the music scene coming from an indie background but he’s been dabbling with electronic music and does playful, chippy electronica.

This is his first release (released via Adrian Recordings, but much more is on the horizon) and we here at Discobelle are very excited to premiere the superb pianolaced beauty of a track “Iris”.


UK act The Phat Lady Sings who have a debut release coming out on September 4th, and we’re excited to present ‘No Letting Go,’ a house beat that is beyond infectious and perfect to get us through this Monday. Not much is known about the people behind TPLS, but if they keep this streak going, we’re bound to find out soon.

Listen to this track below!


At this point, Fouk hardly need an introduction. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 18 months, you’re sure to have come across there distinct brand of disco-laden, synth-injected deep house that has earned them appearances on Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings, Room With A View and House Of Disco. Here, they present an entire slab for Brooklyn’s Razor-N-Tape Reserve with their “Whiskey Ginger EP” and we have the honor of presenting “New Canvas” to you. Clocking in at just under 8 minutes and featuring a percussion heavy disco-stomp, this peak time bumper is sure to stir any dance floor in to a frenzy.

Available now, cop the 12″ vinyl HERE.


Today we’re super excited to premiere Edamame’s EP Ochre, the atmospheric and stunning release that’s geared to get listeners to open their third eye and dance simultaneously. Featuring a blend of new age music and dance bpms, the eclectic tracks enlighten the mind, encourage yoga enthusiasts, and is sure to do well on the festival circuit this year.

Listen to the EP below!