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Swedish producer The Land Below (AKA Erik Lindestad) has become pretty much a staple here at Discobelle HQ with his impeccable productions and magical sounding tracks. He is now inching closer to his new album release next month via The Future Sound Of Stockholm.

The third single from the upcoming album is “Walk Like Nothing” and the track is a synthdriven and glimmering piece of pure pop perfection.

Portuguese producer/dj Bruno Cardoso is better known as Xinobi and the Lisbon based producer is now delighted to announce his return in the form of new single “Piano Lessons”. The three track single is slated for release this Friday, May 17th via Discotexas.

The single consists of two tracks that are both rooted and built around the piano. The piano being the most important element here, building on an idea that occurred to Xinobi, that of trying to learn the piano and then integrate it as much as possible on future releases, of which this marks the first. We here at Discobelle can proudly premiere the steadfast and housey title track “Piano Lessons” which has a classical feel with a jazzed up arrangement that makes this track twist like a snake until it finally explodes into a straight up ethereal banger.

“Piano Lessons came as pure magic, it was recorded and played a bit randomly, I’ve only added a few small tweaks when producing the track. Proof it was a magical moment the first time around. I have since tried to play it again and still can’t get as close to the soul I can feel in the original recording. Proof to me that that first time around was truly a magical moment”

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Brandon Jenner is the son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, half-sibling to Kendall and Kylie Jenner and as a participant in the hit TV-shows Princes Of Malibu and Keeping Up With The Kardashians he was pretty much born into the spotlight.

He’s also an acclaimed artist with down to earth lyrics that often deal with how we live and interact with each other in today’s world, his new single “Death Of Me” (the first one to emerge from his EP “Plan On Feelings”, which is slated for a June 14th relase) showcases a new and edgier version of his sound with a bolder feel and a steadfast groove.

The visuals for the single premieres today and we here at Discobelle are excited to show you the video.

Westcoast Goddess is a new alias of a Berlin-based producer that has previously released on labels like 100% Silk, Omena, Heart To Heart and Peach Discs under the alias Videopath. Under the new alias Westcoast Goddess, he goes on a spiritual journey to explore soulful and classic house sounds.

New Belgian based label Penelope drops the debut release “Truth Rainbow” which has already seen early support coming in from Tensnake, Shanti Celeste, and Marquis Hawkes.

We here at Discobelle can premiere the EP title track, “Truth Rainbow” is a joyful and bumping track with the warm sounding keys and irresistible congas driving you straight for the dancefloor.

Danish soul-pop artist Iris Gold drops the visuals for her fabulous and energy packed new single “Wow”.

“I imagined ‘WOW’ in a dream, where I was in a barn, surrounded by a bunch of Jamaicans in cowboy attire, dancing in a sort of dancehall /line dance combination. It was a psychedelic dream where the energy being one big party, where you forget about who is watching, you’re a badass and you can be yourself 100 %!”

The track is taken off her debut album “Planet Cool” which is slated for a release this June.

“’Planet Cool’ is my idea of a perfect world, that I used to dream of as a kid who didn’t really fit in. It’s a place where Dolly Parton sings the news, you don’t need a visa to get in, and the sky is the limit”.

For those of us here in Europe, Iris will play a string of UK/European festivals this summer.

German nu-disco star Tim Bernhardt, aka Satin Jackets, is preparing for the release of his sophomore album “Solar Nights” which is due to drop via Belgian label Eskimo Recordings tomorrow April 26th (check out the presave link: https://fanlink.to/SolarNights). The album features 14 top class tracks of smooth disco and leftfield pop with guest appearances from the likes of Future Classic’s Panama, David Harks, Niya Wells, Emma Brammer, and Anduze.

The global success of his debut album “Panorama Pacifico” which propelled him across the globe has inspired both the album itself and its title, “Solar Nights”.

“In recent years the world’s become smaller, a more interconnected place. It can be dark and cold here, with snow all around, and the next day I can be playing to people on a beach. Somewhere on the planet it’s always daytime or summer, but beyond that day and night just blend into each other these days,” Tim explains. “We have daytime discos so you can go and party while the sun is still high in the sky, and you can go and hit the gym at night. Be it day or night, Satin Jackets is your soundtrack.”

We here at Discobelle can premiere a track of the album, the absolutely lovely, slow-burning and smoothly seductive dance-pop jam “Just Like You”.

PS. Make sure to check out this album minimix aswell.

“Inward Spiral” is taken from “Explorations 09”, the latest offering in UK label Anjunadeep’s acclaimed compilation series and it’s also Manchester producer Jozef K’s label debut.

The track itself is an airy arrangement of subtle sounding synth work that plays like magic against the backdrop of stuttering claps and organic percussion, the track seems to be perfectly aimed at both dancefloors and sun-drenched festival grounds.

“I am inspired by all art that I am exposed to: from architecture to paintings to film and of course music – so it is quite hard to pinpoint a singular example. I use artistic influences combined with my mood in the studio that day, so basically it was inspired by my whole life to that point, which I guess sounds slightly ridiculous but also very true. I felt there was an ethereal, introspective quality to the record, hence the title.” – Jozef K

Moveltraxx drops another edition of their label compilation series “Street Bangers Factory”, the 11th edition will be released on April 5th and features the likes of Heavee (Teklife), Morgan Hislop, BastienGoat, DJ Manny (Teklife), High-Class Filter & Crookers etc.

We got the premiere of the track “Arco Iris” from Paris based French/Tunisian producer Househead Samira who has only released a few tracks but she’s already turning heads with her superb, high-energy and addictive house tracks and infectious dj-sets. She’s currently hard at work with her debut EP but unleashes her new track for the “Street Bangers Factory 11” compilation which is ripe for club use with its bounced up synths and choppy vocals.