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GFOTY – Bobby

Sep 24 2014

This is me taking a stand against the constantly revolving door of “new music” where the half-life of a song is less than a week and any song that’s been out for more than a month might as well be a big pile of garbage. We all have those tracks where six months, or god forbid, even a whole YEAR later we still have on heavy rotation and the track below is one of those for me.

Girlfriend of The Year is GFOTY and I was lucky enough to stumble upon them one fateful night bowling under 100 in Brooklyn. I was mid-throw with my 7.5 or 8 pound bowling ball when the song “Bobby” came on and stopped dead in my tracks to g-r-o-o-v-e. Cue inner monologue: “Have I heard this before? Damn this song is so sassy. Wait, gotta keep bowling. Wait, need to ask the DJ what this track is.” Then I did it. I talked to the DJ and ever since, “Bobby” has been a staple in my playlist.

This song is good for chilling to, for dancing to, for crying to, for contemplating to – whatever you want really. I guess it’s about a chick who’s trying to get over her ex Bobby, reminiscing on the good times but then being like “fuck it, whatever” Clueless style. To whoever the singer is, it’s ok cause he wasn’t worth it, LET’S PARTY.

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