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Prominent 2.0

Nov 8 2008

Malmö R’n’B is nothing that grows on trees. But Prominent is doing it proper and they are back with a new sound that marks a new direction. They give the dancefloor ready tune “She’s My Religion” away for free and wanted us to spread the word! Check it!

“Prominent 2.0. It’s not an upgrade, It a vessel… the newest way to visit far away places…. beautiful, strange places, tucked into the fartherst corners of your minds galaxy, while still lounging in your black leathered futon zippin on a icecold Glennfiddich. This is sophisticated popmusic oozing of sex… demolition funk with a twist of lemon. Suck on it… Screwed, chopped and toasted for you pleasure. This is the future, the past and the present. Hey Brave New World… It’s time to sweat…”

Prominent – She’s my religion (direct link)