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Swedish dynamic and awardwinning hip hop duo Mofeta & Jerre with their latest single “Kalifornien” that features the vocal offerings from Promoe and Leo Ontario is a warm, organic sounding ode to the longing towards for something different in this case California where the sun always shines. Malmö based soulful crooner/vocalist and phenomena Albin Gromer turns the original track into a shimmering acoustic guitar based bittersweet love song to the American dream.

BONUS: Check out the video.

VICE has selected 6 filmmakers from Denmark and Sweden for a chance for a paid internship at their VBS headquarters in NYC.

Each filmmaker will complete 6 “Creative Challenges” issued by professionals in different fields of the arts. These are videos with a specific theme or context.

This next challenge is with Frej Larsson from Slagsmålsklubben and Maskinen. Maskinen got a new mixtape banger coming out featuring Promoe and the six filmmakers are gonna make the video. The song is about things that end. So they have to make something end and in a big way!

Above is one of the entries, watch the rest here.


Sep 4 2009


Promoe who just released his latest album ”KrÃ¥ksÃ¥ngen” never sleeps, so here he is already back with a new mixtape. It contains 15 unreleased songs and guests like Afasi, Organismen, Timbuktu, Supreme and Embee. The mixtape has two remixes of this summers biggest hit in Sweden “Svennebannan”. The mixtape will be released on Itunes toady but the CD of it will only be sold at Promoe’s shows this fall so be sure to catch one of them if you want one. But we have a streaming version of it up on the site (it might take a while to load so have some patience).

Promoe РBondf̴ngeri by discobelle